vShopping.live – Video enhanced LIVE SHOPPING creates deep customer experiences

video enhanced live shopping

vShopping.live is a storytelling infotainment ecommerce domain pulling attention for “video enhanced shopping” – “virtual shopping” – “viewer shopping” – “voucher shopping” – and more.
Live shopping sessions transform underperforming products into top-performers. This is the (2nd) best international LIVE SHOPPING Domain for sale now and Searchengines will serve this domain for any keyphrase combination of “live shopping”.

Recent global statistics, deriving from Asia, show an explosive trend towards virtual live shopping sessions often integrated into leading social media platforms. A new experience of interactive e-commerce, where presenters and brand portals connect personally with their customers offering one-to-one/ one-to-many communication with live streaming sales-shows, video enhanced product demos, with live consultancy and entertaining contents. Anyone viewing the stream can ask questions about the product, request to demonstrate in detail or to view a different angle and the likes.

Contrary to the old style teleshopping/ homeshopping channels the new vShopping.live experience rests upon responsive presentations and authentic human interactions, also possible between fellow customers, which is obviously boosting their shopping engagement while also generating deeper consumer confidence and brand loyalty. Live online shopping from home or via mobile devices allows consumers to enjoy a more engaged and satisfied experience than just filling a virtual shopping cart.

Last but not least there are impressive revenues generated on live shopping platforms. Since 2019 the sales figures have tripled already and are expected to reach 170 billion dollars in China by the end of this year. These soaring expectations will only scale as we adopt Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into video productions and streaming to completely transform the shopping experience. Shoppers can now explore a realistic in-store environment, handling items in 3D before deciding to purchase them. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Amazon (following the leading Asian providers like Alibaba), have already implemented live shopping services into their apps.

Virtually enhanced live shopping will develop plenty of innovation potential and offers competitive advantage to retailers, wether micro-shops or global brands. All together the above trends will be adding authentic and engaging brand experiences that will increase the average order value, drive conversion rates and higher revenue and build customer loyalty.

vShopping.live is ready to move USD millions.