LICENCES.crypto – HotTopic Keyword + CNS multi Action Domain – Supply global licensing issues managed on the blockchains

All kind of governance aspects can be facilitated on Licences.crypto Rights, title deeds or software licenses are now created or deployed on blockchains often loaded with cryptomoney or valuable NFT assets - Supply the new comercial Crypto Markets with licences.crypto

All kind of authenticating Licensing & Authorization & Governance issues can be facilitated thru this CNS domain (without intermediaries) – With connected governance and market DApp features this web 3 portal can certify and deliver different sorts of Licences promptly – The stealthmode of crypto Licences is highly appreciated by all users.

This CNS webadress LICENCES.crypto connected to governance DApps features can guarantee to securly handle or trade with, to deliver, lend or stake or publish any authentic Licensing issues.

Smart contracts allow to handle licensing issues with peer-to-peer authorizations just perfectly:
E.g. any kind of personal licenses and idcards, or comercial authorizing of contents, or public legal rights, creative copyrights, title deeds, loans, yields, provisions, testaments, tickets, lotteries, jackpots, free spin casino and bonus gambling, also rentals or software licenses … and many more LICENCEs usecases will be deployed on blockchains … often loaded with selfenforced programs or valuable NFT assets.

Supply this arriving billion dollar Crypto-License Market with actionloaded immutable managing features on LICENCES.crypto!


♕ ♕ Perfect Company Domain to promote STO and Tokenization services

Regulated Security Token Offerings (STO) will offer investment opportunities  from the segments of Luxuries, Collectibles, Art, Classic Cars, Design Icons, also Real Estate, Infrastructure, IP rights and Startup Funding, Company ...
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♕ ♕ The hottest Keywords in regulated Tokenized Investment Markets – Big Business Domain

There is no doubt, the doors to web3 decentralised asset investments is wide open. More and more regulation frameworks are established in different ecosystems globally. The EU is quite ahead ...
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MICA regulated Investments in tokenized Virtual Crypto Assets – STO & TOKEN DOMAINs for sale

Its finally becoming true: A new Era of regulated TOKEN INVESTMENTs with non-fungible Tokens or fractionalized Shares of an Investment. We have some domain bundles for negotiation ...
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♕ ♕ MICA CASP #Domainsale: The regulated Markets in Crypto Assets Service Provider

This is truly disrupting - The EU will establish the first regulated MARKETS in CRYPTO ASSETs - Within the legal framework there are regulations concerning so called CASPs, meaning CRYPTO ...
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♕ Sponsoring.eth ♕ The gateway domain to vibrant business opportunities

SPONSORING.eth  ... already booming biz activities - a perfect web3 agency work! e.g. vibrant challenges with subdomain activities: event.sponsoring.eth brand.sponsoring.eth dev.sponsoring.eth sports.sponsoring.eth science.sponsoring.eth startup.sponsoring.eth More web3 and crypto ideas: ...
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aiSolution.eth – Very future proof ENSdomain on power-sale MATCH & CATCH OCCASION

These days we have again a POWER SALE PRICE OFF here on our website only - Instead of regular sale offer at 4Ξ we fixed a promotion price somewhere around ...
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Unique NFT usecases on ENS Domains e.g. NFTwhois.eth … NFTsecret.eth … NFTmillion.eth

Each of these curated #ENS #Domains have a storytelling NFT usecase - Either to launch a MERCH STORE on NFTposter.eth or to run #B2B or #B2C services like NFTwhois.eth with ...
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♕ | NFTshare.X = Strategic Domainbundle for a decentralised Shareconomy.eth

Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) are with no doubt advantageous in terms of confirming rights, tracking and identifying assets through digital identities. NFTs deploying self-enrolling smart contracts on the blockchain will open the ...
Read More (+ social network) – Global Art Authority with DAO adding Authentication | Authorisation comes as a strategic address network and opens doors for many challenging artmarket services, e.g. as a clearing house of both traditional and digital artworks - Now finally operable ...
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