Cashmachines.crypto – Global directory of cash-ready crypto ATM. Take the lead

This CNS (Crypto Name Server) domain “cashmachines.crypto” works without further explanation

Cashmachines.crypto is ready to lead a competitive market for billions of anonymous crypto ATM customers worldwide. 

There is a rising demand for point-of-sale// ATM terminals to exchange bitcoins and other cryptocoins with FIAT money, further on to manage portfolio/ accounts, swaps, duties, loans or rentals and to make direct payments…. and what else will be the daily duty of an ATM in future days.

Make “cashmachines.crypto” a global advertising hub + georeference location router + added features via CNS e.g. Web3 services and supercharged with decentralized Applications providing on-/offchain data:

e.g. connect the domain to payment gateways + aggregation of exchange rates + other finance DApp programs. This CNS Domain utilizises automatic deployment of any smart DeFi utilities to serve the modern customers, the digital netizens around the globe.


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