cashmachines.crypto – Global mapping of cash-ready decentralized crypto exchanges

This CNS (Crypto Name Server) domain “cashmachines.crypto” goes without further explanation – There is a rising demand for point-of-sale DEX terminals to exchange cryptocurrencies and cash, to manage swaps, duties, loans or rentals and to make direct payments.

CASHmachines.crypto  is already a proven cashcow concept and will now deliver a Web 3 online multipurpose DEX utility for billions of new crypto customers worldwide  – Basically with mapping and routing to nearby ATM like teller machines but loaded with DEX dispensers, either promoting cashmachines of all brands or just cashmachines of one exclusive brand (sponsor) – Its at your choice how to bake the cake, either make money by splitted advertising / exclusive sponsoring and also flavoured by provisions due to uncountable DApps flooding the cryptospace!

Make “cashmachines.crypto” a global advertising hub + georeference location router + added features via CNS:

e.g. connect the domain to payment gateways + aggregation of exchange rates + other finance DApp programs. This CNS Domain utilizises automatic deployment of any smart DeFi utilities to serve the modern customers, the digital netizens around the globe.


Domain for sale by the owner. Please send us your offer in the contactform.