Shopper.eth – Welcome the global crypto crowds with this Bestseller domain

Billions of Online Shopper will want to spend their cryptomoney

Not much to explain about this domain SHOPPER.eth… Since we know very well about the global spending capacity of billions of online shoppers until today there is no doubt about the upcoming tomorow changes…! Wether to run a crypto store or to hodl this hottopic ENS domain … Make your offer for this earlybird NFT investment today.Continue reading →

SwapDApp.crypto – HOT TOPIC Domain with CNS gateways to DEX crypto exchange application

generic keyword domain in cryptospace - DEX decentralized crypto exchange application

SwapDApp.crypto not only covers 2 profitabel billion dollar business keywords “SWAP & DApp”  … It really provides multipurpose programable DeFi ACTION by a user click! This is a CNS web 3.0 address with complete cryptomoney SWAPPING features and more DeFi DApp gateways!

Unique generic domain + actionsale in Cryptospace. This CNS crypto-domain enables a fullsize DeFi action UserInterface with multitask decentralized DeFi programs to connect with. Swapping, trading, payments, stalking … anything works out directly on the blockchain.

DApp usecases and premium keyword impact in the c ryptospace. @Twitter/ Instagram = 5er BUNDLE on sale!

NFT hot picking

Daily NFT HOTLIST PICKING with investigative contents, selected drops, promoted releases, events, ads and promotions launched as a synched global media network. Its a great business opportunity for investors with blockchain expertise, DeFi and NFT knowhow and smart contract development skillsets. Its an educational job influencing NFT trades with the shared voice on 5 identical domains and 2 social media channels: @Twitter/ Instagram
= 5er synched domains/ socials bundle is for sale now.

Continue reading → – Trading art with blockchain secured authenticity | authorization awaiting the new trustlevel

Traditional Artmarkets struggled a long way until today without any result of common Code of Ethics. Since NFTs (non-fungible-tokens on the blockchain) have entered the Artspace, we develop legitimate ways to use NFTs as storage of immutably secured data and docs ref. authenticity, ownership, provenance, value performance etc. of every examined genuine digital/ physical artwork.

But even more, with help of NFTs we can later operate a global ArtAuth (DAO) registry with collaborative examinations, blockchain documentation and data gateways for trading authenticated and authorized assets with ArtAuth trustlabel and transparency.

This DNS, ENS and CNS domain network enables multichannel communication and also web 3.0 gateways, thousands of new dApplications incl. payments and lots more: / ArtAuth.dao/ ArtAuth.nft/ ArtAuth.eth  also added with identical social accounts like Twitter @artauth.

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Oldmaster.ART – Everlasting Domain Investment

premium art domain for oldmaster experts

OLDMASTER.ART is offered for sale!
Sign the times with this unique and everlasting art genre domain investment – The today artmarket with old Masterpieces is profitable and in rude health. This fine .Art domain is a masterpiece of its own and will be a highfrequence gateway and traffic hub to welcome fine art collectors, investors, curators, galleries, auctionhouses, authenticators, insurances and experts.
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VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Our virtual twin brothers and sisters in the digital world are almost grown up. Creative humanoids are moulded and created as personalised avatars entering the social cyberspace in millions of shapes. Leading technology providers of interactive Gaming, Chat and virtual Marketplaces each starting their own models of social performance. But no one technology claims to be the marketleader… until VRvatar.comContinue reading →

Virtual Reality entertainment domain for sale

A great new business challenge in VR entertainment is the possibility to virtually experience live events while staying at home. Beside VR gaming, exploring, science and military applications there are huge market potentials to stream immersive liveshows and all kind of stage and field entertainment as 360° panoramic environments. Continue reading → … meet & compete with other gamers, review new VR software & train your skills, benefit as a clubmember and more… is the next-gen gaming revolution

This domain has the potential to make a profitable slice of massively growing Virtual Reality gaming markets:

  • Forecasting the global revenues generated with “VR Games” ranges between USD 25 – 70 billions in 2025. New software releases need to be reviewed and recommended and thus will increase the need for online communities – Thats why VR software companies are open to cooperate with mindsetters .
  • The searchphrase “VRGames” is already used by millions of Virtual Reality gamers every month. Authentic webcontents on the platform will have an impact on leading searchengineresults. 
  • As a .CLUB domain it invites gamers to socialize, exchange about new software and improve their skills. It also implies club competitions and rankings. Beside software provisions also memberfees can be generated. Alltogether the club toplevel has the best interactive gamer approach.

The calls VRgamers around the world to be part of the community. Reviews of new VR software, game downloads and social infotainment matches their needs and interests. Thus the club toplevel has the best interactive gamer approach..

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3D Printing ist der Megatrend des Jahrzehnts

Wer wird der 3D Prinz im 3D Prints Markt?

BUY NOW Angebot bspw. für 3D-Druckereien, 3D Modellierungs- und Kreativagenturen – Schlag zu und sichere dir diese knackige Markendomain jetzt für 499.- € + 19% Ust. – Mit einer kleinen Prinzen Illustration dazu wäre ein einzigartiger und merkfähiger Markenauftritt geboren.
Mit der Markteroberung moderner 3D Drucker im Privat- und Berufsleben werden in Deutschland hunderte Startups gegründet. Es herrscht bereits ein Mangel an kurzen, aussagekräftigen Domains, die im Wettbewerb bestehen können.Continue reading → – Panoramic 360° recorded Showtime/ Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality 360 virtual immersive Events contents

VR 360: These five letters paces the shift from flat video towards the new panoramic VR style 360 degree video experience. With the global sucess of 360° cameras we expect millions of new contents allowing VR similar experiences. This domain facilitate either directed or public platforms to prfesent/ sell 360° event recordings as well as professional reviews, trainings or fair presentations. Panoramic 360 degree viewing is like being there!Continue reading → – Virtual Reality Neuvorstellungen

Virtual Reality Hardware und Software testen und diskutieren

Es gibt viel zu testen – Pack du schon mal an:

In den kommenden Monaten und Jahren wird eine Riesenwelle neuartiger Virtual Reality Devices vorgestellt, tausende VR Spiele, virtuelle Informations- und Entertainment Angebote werden den Markt überschwemmen. Kaum jemand kennt sich wirklich aus und eine zentrale Frage wird immerfort im Raum stehen: “Wie funktioniert das?”Continue reading → – Trenddomain globales LBS Business

Wir bieten die Domain zum Verkauf, z.Zt. supergünstig in unserem rollierenden BUY NOW Angebot

Aus einem Fachbeitrag auf
Typische Anwendungsbeispiele für Location Based Services sind:

  • Anzeige von Points of Interest (PoI) wie Geschäfte, Restaurants, Banken oder Tankstellen
  • positionsabhängige Anzeige von Werbung und Aktionen
  • Teilen des Standorts mit anderen mobilen Teilnehmern
  • Routenplanung
  • Anzeige von verfügbaren Verkehrsmitteln und Verkehrsinformationen
  • ortsbezogene Online-Spiele
  • interaktive Reiseführer
  • Lokalisierung bei Notrufen
  • Verfolgung von Lieferungen
  • ortsabhängige Steuerung von Prozessen in der Industrie
  • ortsabhängige Mobilfunk- und Kommunikationsservices (zum Beispiel spezielle Tarife … optimal geeignet für Branchenunternehmen:
Domain vorübergehend im BUY NOW für 799.- € + Ust.

dECOSYSTEM.crypto – Naming the disrupting paradigm shift: Decentralized Ecosystem

dECOSYSTEM.crypto is the Genre title of the blockchain era

dECOSYSTEM names the monumental paradigm shift that is happening right now. The new systems of economy are based on decentralized data management and trustless networking. There are so many deep and disrupting changes and upgrades entering worldwide business of all trades along with the independent blockchain functionality and with all the layers, contracts and applications deployed on the blockchain… we could write books here.
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LICENCES.crypto – HotTopic Keyword + CNS multi Action Domain – Supply global licensing issues managed on the blockchains

All kind of governance aspects can be facilitated on Licences.crypto Rights, title deeds or software licenses are now created or deployed on blockchains often loaded with cryptomoney or valuable NFT assets - Supply the new comercial Crypto Markets with licences.crypto

All kind of authenticating Licensing & Authorization & Governance issues can be facilitated thru this CNS domain (without intermediaries) – With connected governance and market DApp features this web 3 portal can certify and deliver different sorts of Licences promptly – The stealthmode of crypto Licences is highly appreciated by all users.Continue reading → .crypto – HOTLIST the multimedia, multidata and multipurpose Crypto Apps

Connected DNS and CNS domains with HOTTOPIC dapp connections

Decentralized DApps deployed as web 3.0 enabled Utility widgets cover up needy basic tasks rather then high end functions. Yet this group will probably grow faster then other specific gambling, marketing, yield farming or defi dapps. Just like in the booming traditional web 2 apps-space there are many solutions to optimize productivity, communication and daily challenges like sensor- and measurement tasks, scanning, organizing, translating, chatting, travelling, dating, mediaworking, weather forecast and and and…

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Bonus + .crypto – Make 1% of the lucrative Crypto entertainment

Thousand of Boni are distributed to DApp users in the cryptospace. A billion dollar market

BONUSDApps + REWARDDApps catch the most attention since people love to earn or win some extra cash!
Both Domains come as a combo: With .COM + .CRYPTO connected a fullsize web2 publishing service can also run web3 DeFi services e.g. to redeem all winners and lots more of comercial fun

Lucky, loyal or tactical Reward and BonusDApps will overflow the market in the next decade. From 2022 thousands of new Boni and Rewards will be promoted every day in the cryptospace. These two leader domain combos are great to offer and facilitate global Reward directories with branded promotions (ads) and crypto jumpoff links (provision)… Make a slice of a billion dollar market!

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