♕ TokengateX.com ♕ Smartly managed ENS gateway to web3 powered tokenized ecosystem

tokengated business between web2 and web - TokengateX.com domainsale

Tokengatex.com is a combination of  #web3 hot topics, namely “tokengate” + “exchange”. This domain is suggested to operate via #ENS Namesystem into its own decentralised Ecosystem. A Tokengate manages all kind of interactions between web3 business addresses triggered by wallet connection. Because the nature of smart contracts generates superfast data transactions triggered by limitless conditional filters and gates. There is no rate of human error but 24/7 transparent data tracking.

This enables Tokengating to exchange immutably self enforced data streams and operate any kind of contracts between entities and individuals for any purpose. Goodbye paperwork, stamps and deeds.

Tokengatex.com will be perfectly installed as an #ENS digital gateway domain address triggering its own wallet, marketplace, exchange, multichain crypto payments, memberships, loyalty points, many decentralised applications and all benefits of a digital web3 ecosystem (+ subdomain advantage e.g. brand.tokengatex.com).

The future Commerce will be tokengated with ultrafast immutable and transparent transactions. Tokengatex.com as a digital wrapped NFT contract can be used in multiple usecase/ utilities between web2 and web3