VRvatar.com … the genre of social VR Avatars put in one word

VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Virtual Reality Avatars are entering the cyberspace in millions of shapes. Nearly all big VR Mediaplayer are experimenting with VR Avatars and lots of funstuff is already globally online. Now make your social VR business exclusive and name it “VRvatar”!

VRvatar.com … say it loud & proud. Its the big social VR evolution happening now!  Take this smart & short brandable domain home and don`t forget the plural genre version which is included VRvatars.com

The illusions start when you experience divergences between feeling your own body surface and that seeing a different shape in VR. Here begins a new world of multi-ego incarnation, self-representations and presence in virtual space

VR Avatars open a grand arena of new body illusions and altered body awarenesses dependent on visions. 

Look as Oculus opens new personal VR Avatar stages:


Its going get crowded already at some spots – tons of VR Avatars… need more?



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