VRvatar.com … the evolution of virtual reality Avatars as an exclusive brand?

VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Our virtual twin brothers and sisters in the digital world are almost grown up. Creative humanoids are moulded and created as personalised avatars entering the social cyberspace in millions of shapes. Leading technology providers of interactive Gaming, Chat and virtual Marketplaces each starting their own models of social performance. But no one technology claims to be the marketleader… until VRvatar.com

VRvatar.com … the new virtually real mankind. The fundamental social evolution in the cyberspace is happening now!  Invest in this short brandable domain and we will add the plural version because we are many VRvatars.com

Virtual Reality Avatars are the medium and VRvatar.com hosts the central modding garage

Look as Oculus opens new personal VR Avatar stages:

Its going get crowded already at some spots – tons of VR Avatars… need more?

…. and more competitors jump in the ring like Decentraland with a complete Avatar SDK inside a blockchain powered ecosystem

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