B.I.N. Portfolio

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Finest ever young domains to pull organic and keyword specific search-engine traffic and to promote selected webprojects and contents – Perfect as investment too. Call up for discounts.

LICENCES.crypto – HotTopic Keyword + CNS multi Action Domain – Supply global licensing issues managed on the blockchains

All kind of authenticated Licensing & Authorization & Governance issues can be facilitated thru this CNS domain (without intermediaries) - With connected governance and market DApp features this web 3 ...
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cashmachines.crypto – Global mapping of cash-ready decentralized crypto exchanges

This CNS (Crypto Name Server) domain "cashmachines.crypto" goes without further explanation - There is a rising demand for point-of-sale DEX terminals to exchange cryptocurrencies and cash, to manage swaps, duties, ...
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UtilityDApps.com/ .crypto – HOTLIST the multimedia, multidata and multipurpose Crypto Apps

Decentralized DApps deployed as web 3.0 enabled Utility widgets cover up needy basic tasks rather then high end functions. Yet this group will probably grow faster then other specific gambling, ...
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RewardDApps.com/ .crypto – Uncountable choices of lucrative Crypto entertainment

This DApps domain combo shouts out what every internet user is longing for: Lucky or tactical Rewards that are redeemed in decentralized busines sectors like DeFi , Yielding, Games, Gambling ...
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YieldDApps.com / .crypto – Yield farming as profitable trend 2021

Two domains with hottest keyword topics and data aggregation benefits! Every week we see new decentralized app concepts which enable savvy investors to make profitable yields, rewards and more revenues ...
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AVRcars.com – Augmented Vehicular Reality supplies autonomous driven cars

Augmented Vehicular Reality: Edge trend AVR is enabling extended 3D vision and safety for future Automobiles driving autonomously ...
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NFTpicks.com/ .crypto Magazine = Alternative Investment Evaluator

With NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) today all sorts of authentic and limited (digital) originals can be uniquely and immutably licensed on a decentralized blockchain. NFTs or Nifties can always be identified, tracked ...
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BAR.KRED/IT … eine neue DNS/ ENS Domain inkl. Paymentfunktion

Eine multifunktionale Premiumadresse speziell für die Kredit- und Darlehensbranche.... Kürzer, zielgenauer und moderner geht es nicht! ...
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Typische Beispiele für Location Based Services Aus einem Fachbeitrag auf ip-insider.de:Typische Anwendungsbeispiele für Location Based Services sind: Anzeige von Points of Interest (PoI) wie Geschäfte, Restaurants, Banken oder Tankstellenpositionsabhängige Anzeige ...
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