Welcome to $ign.Domains, we hope you like the show.

We are senior brokers and still earlybirds. Our fine domains are ready to roll out as startups, utilities, brandnames or keyword attention getter. Most domains come with its own business plan.

This is our portfolio of savvy and business-ready domains – Some also ready for joint ventures with remote developers. . Please do not hesitate to contact the team by mail if you have any questions or ideas to tell, we will get in touch with you.

Company Info

Sign.Domains was founded by Nick E.A. Doosel, a marketing futurist and founder of several startups and profitable companies (e.g. Freelancer.de, Olympia.de, IABR S.L., Radio POS, MDCG Inc.) until today. The marketing expertise dates back to 1985 when the core team started as a TV advertising agency. Since then we are pioneering the digitalization of all massmedia technologies  & business logics one by one (Satellite, Telefone, Internet, Blockchain).

Germany: Vienna/ AU Alicante/ ES:

Please drop us a line first to have a call. We will feedback to you within shortest time.

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