The ArtAuth enterprise draft

Art Authorization managed on the blockchain:
Lets get this milestone done after decades in the foggy status quo. Today we have blockchains and AI tools at hand to research, synch and verify research data related to Artwork publishing, merchandising ff – Every object authorization/ licensing procedure is diligently tracked and immutably stored on the Blockchain. developed an entirely unique decentralised and tokengated Artwork Authorization Billboard on the Blockchain including Copyright Registry enabling also Authentication of Intellectual Property issues enfin.

ArtAuth UX will enable Artists as well as Publishers, Traders to transparently identify and protect traditional and digital Art Assets for the purpose of authorizing/ licensing its use and publishing in any way. There are smart contract templates ready to operate and track a transparent licensing agreement (with royalties).

Please reach out to our team and lets discuss and focus on your questions, even if your are only interested in the ArtAuth domain combo.

contact the thinktank behind ArtAuth global network via mail

Artist can benefit from the ArtAuthority which agreements are synched across multi media channels globally. The fullsize media coverage via #ArtAuth address network will amplify authorization agreements made between Artists, Licensees, Investors, Traders etc.