The ArtAuth social enterprise

Draft: Art Authentication/ Authorization independently managed on the blockchain with the help of consensual human supervision and shared knowledge via DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation).

The use of NFTs (artwork tokenization) and transparent blockchain documentation today enables an immutable solution to protect, track and license Artworks globally.

Also we have AI tools at hand to research, synch and update data at scale related to attribution and provenance as well as to ownership/ title/ sales issues referring the lifecycle of tokenized Artworks.

Yet there is a need of human intervention and data supervision before publishing an AI aided provenance evaluation.  As a social enterprise ArtAuth aims to
create a consensus mechanism enabling tokenized catalogues raisonnés en fin.

Aided by a DAO Authority this provenance research and data processing can be verified collaboratively with shared knowledge of a bigscale members panel (zero knowledge ident). The ArtAuth DAO as an independent members coalition can even decide on ArtAuthentication verdicts esp. concerning incomplete or doubtful artwork identification (bottom up instead of top down verdicts and without fearing costly litigations).

The ArtAuth thinktank is open reaching out for your expertise and skills.
Please ask for the detailed biz case. also includes an entirely unique decentralised and tokengated Artwork Authorization Billboard on the Blockchain enabling the Licensing of Intellectual Property.

Please reach out to our team and lets discuss and focus on your questions, even if your are only interested in the ArtAuth domain combo.

contact the thinktank behind ArtAuth global network via mail

Artist can benefit from the ArtAuthority which agreements are synched across multi media channels globally. The fullsize media coverage via #ArtAuth address network will amplify authorization agreements made between Artists, Licensees, Investors, Traders etc.