♕ TaxfreeToken.com – DutyfreeToken.com ♕ Global usecase to easily refund int. Shoppings

TaxfreeToken.com / DutyfreeToken.com are logical steps into the web3 society

If you are a travelling Shopper and trying to get your taxes refunded, its always an annoying paperwork switching between the customs, shops and other intermediaries. Thats why some smart service providers already offer one-stop-solution and scooped up provisions from billions of money spend for shoppings in a foreign country. are

The web3 society will instead use Tokens to catch up their tax refunds automatically as soon as they leave the country and get noticed by the customs. You may buy both domains or just one favorite to get ahead of the crowd and install the most logical convenience utility namely TaxfreeToken.com or DutyfreeToken.com and make Travellers happy!