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#Domainsale VirtualCryptoAsset.com ... three hot topic Keywords soaring the FinTech decentralised finance era with tokenized shares, VC, funds, equity, assets investing

There is no doubt, the doors to web3 decentralised asset investments is wide open. More and more regulation frameworks are established in different ecosystems globally. The EU is quite ahead with its MICA regulation to enable tokenized investments as unique NFTs or as fractionalized shares of limited digital assets.

These 3 magic words will be the trend topics in the future finance industry – Upstairs in relation to institutional investors and family offices and also on the ground between retail investors, collectors and curators. While the MICA focuses the term “Crypto Assets”, the US regulators favour “Virtual Assets” and we have them both combined in this hot Keyword Domain…. doesn’t it smell like billions of newly invested tokenised shares for LIMITED ASSETs that are mostly illiquid until now?

♕ VirtualCryptoAsset.com ♕ is for sale now in the morning of a sunny business day around the world. Just reach out and make your offer, we are yet in an early stage of decentralised finance.

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MICA regulated Investments in tokenized Virtual Crypto Assets – TOKEN DOMAINs for sale