– = Alternative Investments

We see grassroots of blockchain powered ecosystems in different sectors like digital and physical Arts, Games, Sports, Bets, Events, Tickets, Stakes, Stars/VIPs, Sweepstakes, Collectibles, Insurances, DeFi, Utilities, Domains, Metaverse and virtual worlds, Luxury brands, Cards, Punks and Kitties and more….  Focused Marketplaces popup like mushrooms – But who can handle all these marketnumbers to analyse the most profitable assets … namely the BLUECHIPs and HOT PICKS ? + NFTchips.crypto/ ENS domain = payment address + NFTpicks.crypto

We will do together – This is our joint venture:
in 1st Q. 2021

Catching up the most frequently used investors keywords “chips & picks” which signalize profit advantages by selected choices. People love to follow – Come on board as a blockchain focused webdeveloper/ analyzer/ influencer… And yes HELLO TO VENTURE CAPITAL.

This is the case:  Each NFT (non-fungible-token) represents one unique asset or rare originals of limited editions recorded on a blockchain in the form of a virtual token with added (due diligence) information on smart contracts. Thanks to NFTs you can now track provenance, prove authenticity and rarity without further doubts. Thats why these assets are tradeable with trust and transparence.

Each NFT token is unique, many of those digitally certified and qualified assets can be traded online, even swapped like options. As the token owner you will be able to sell and resell on the 2nd market, at the best when charts show occasional buy-ins (picks) and reasonable profits (chips). You can even buy a share of xxl investments in form of tokenized shares. There are already some 20 marketplaces that make interesting turnarounds, more and more charttables and marketnumbers are waiting to be analysed & recommended as alternative investments.

THIS IS THE PERFECT DOMAIN COMBO: + NFTchips.crypto + NFTpicks.crypto

BLUE CHIPs & HOT PICKs are best known metaphers of savvy money investors. Since NFTs are coming up strongly, its time to launch an online investors trendzine packed with facilities to make the best deal. We are looking for joint venture partners with attention to the NFT Trends – Please drop us a line.