= 5er NFT synchro Network for sale

Smart Investment 5er NFT Combo for sale: + NFTpicks.eth + NFTpicks.crypto + NFTpicks @twitter* + NFTpicks @instagram *… This multipurpose multimedia Network is completely offered for sale now. / Can be added with .crypto

With Non-Fungible-Tokens today all sorts of authentic originals and limited (digital) editions can be uniquely and immutably licensed on a blockchain – As digital assets they can be traded, exchanged, monetized and managed by smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Since NFTs or Nifties can always be identified, tracked and evaluated with public data transparence, there is also a new quality of due diligence influencing the markets  … and thats whats happening massively around the world! NFTs are really pacing a paradigm shift.

The stealth mode of NFTs is highly appreciated by viral markets like Arts, Collectibles, Luxury, Games, Sports, DeFi, Exchanges, Pools, Insurances, Gambling, Tickets, Stars/VIPs, Domains, Virtual Estates … From today almost every day we will see compelling new NFT creations across these ecosystems. Lets pick the sensational, the weekly TOP10 and the most profitabel NFTs!

Bride future perspectives: The NFT evolution makes way for USD billions of new liquidity and swapping investments! Along the way certain NFT gems show extremely profitable potential – But only if you are an earlybird investor and ahead of the crowd… must be a savvy NFT cherrypicking premium member! /And beside Memberships there are quite a few more decent revenue streams when running NFTpicks as a global multichannel network. Read ahead.

NFTs are here to stay – There is so much evolution fantasy thriving blockchain powered ecosystems and business logics that “NFTpicks” will become a hot topic keyword and a daily searchphrase.

The increasing variety of non-fungible-tokens (plus different blockchain solutions) will soon become overwhelming for Investors and Collectors with a growing need for decision-help e.g. NFT indexing, data expertise, added due diligence and deeper financial, juridical discussions around the globe. Beside there are many celebs and influencers around the NFT cryptospace to talk with and soon every enthusiast will want their favorite gems to be presented.

Thats when Investors and Collectors truly appreciate curated premium contents e.g. an insider NFT billboard with reliable cherrypicks based on previews, experiences, data aggregation, background analysis, insider portfolios, social networking and more premium addons and rewards into the wallet. Why not offer continental events, innovation awards and collaborations with insiders of all dApp categories… Everybody in the blockchain craze will love to optimize their personal NFT investments.

NFT Cherrypicking is not financial advice, but everything else!

You can buy a fruitful piece of the NFT billion dollar cake today with a strategic investment into this “Jack of all Trades” communication network ready to rumble:

+ NFTpicks.eth
+ NFTpicks.crypto

+ NFTpicks @Twitter/ @Instagram  *

No doubt this is frontal attack propaganda enabling impactstrong and relentless campaigning across all media channels! No way to escape your message!

So whats the deal?
You invest into 3 short eyecatching NFT domains from different Namesystems + get also 2 synchronizing social accounts @Twitter/ Instagram on top.

“NFTpicks” is a hot topic searchphrase, a deep meaning business keyword and a great USP story appeal = Premium!

And there are more Premium advantages. Combining the DNS-, ENS- and CNS-Domains makes a “Jack of all trades”: It connects web2 and web3 features, multiplies the share of voices, enables on-/off-chain data aggregation and may itself connect to innovative decentralized usecases including finance-, trading-, entertainment-, utility- and business-applications with payment gateways and more to come. Any challenging NFT innovation can be picked and discussed on the network but eventually also monetized via one of these 3 domain namesystems!

Cherrypicking will be fun behind the curtains! Revenue streaming has multiple sources generated by networking collaborations.

BUY NOW OCCASION easy with BTC/ ETH/ … + NFTpicks.eth + NFTpicks.crypto
+ social Twitter/ Instagram accounts @NFTpicks*

Please make an offer around 100 Ether, guess its fair compared to the fulminant increase of NFT trading expected around the globe.

Make up your mind as an earlybird domain investor – Please drop us a line via contactform thx.

There are even 2 more fruity NFT domains ready to be added: NFTchips.crypto