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NFT hot picking

The daily NFT PICKs HOTLIST with investigative market metrics, premium contents, curated drops, previews, discussions, with paid events, ads and promotions together boosting #NFTpicks @NFTpicks synched 5er global media network… If this is not influencing, what else?

NFTs picking is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs with blockchain expertise, with diverse NFT/ dApp/ oracles knowhow and smart contract development skillsets. Its a global media enterprise streaming on web2/ web3 domains and 2 social channels. @Twitter/ @Instagram
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All around the globe curious Investors are seeking for lucrative #NFT (non-fungible-token) investments based on savvy education, right-in-time spotting, background investigation and diligent decision making… URGENT HELP NEEDED! Because there are crazy chances to win 100x money with insider informations and an individually advanced knowhow and timing!

New innovative NFTs are dropping every day into viral markets e.g. Arts, Collectibles, Luxury, Games, Sports, DeFi, Exchanges, Liquidity Pools, Insurances, Gambling, Tickets, Stars/VIPs, Domains, Virtual/ Real Estates and many more tokenized assets and contracts to come!

… its an overwhelming jungle today already and we are still early before the mainstream adoption of non-fungible-tokens.

The soaring blockchain business with tokenized assets and financial derivates has sparked many trades and industries around the globe. Innovative new token usecases are announced daily, dropped, auctioned, sold, rewarded, swapped, farmed and played inside the metaverse… The soon to come NFT mainstreaming will even speed this race and will make decisive NFT spotting even more overwhelming.

Winning an NFT auction often is only a question of minutes – But closing the deal needs proactive due diligence upfront – Lots of parameters scale the initial floor price and further performance of a tokenized asset trade. NFTpicks provides these analytical strategies to stay uptodate.

Because before buying a valuable tokenized asset its contract must be verified, e.g. variable onchain/offchain data must be aggregated depending on the profile and usecase of each NFT minted. Helping to focuse and prepare an investment upfront will lead to longterm premium memberships.

#NFT PICKs are exactly these hot topic keywords to search for NFT occasions which are based on skilled expertise, data aggregation and savvy background investigation.
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