= 5er NFT Media Network on the ramp

NFT hot picking

Smart future NFT Investment – Full media coverage on NFT picking – Rolling out a global influence campaign with this brandlike 5er Combo:
+ NFTpicks.eth
+ NFTpicks.crypto
+ NFTpicks @twitter*
+ NFTpicks @instagram *

This multipurpose multimedia network is reaching out for VC funding – In the best case by an operative co-founder dealing with dApp usecases. (… only in case of a tearful buy-out we would offer the package deal around 100 ETH. ) The 5er combo can be peppered with the bluechips home @ .crypto

What is the usecase?
Bride future perspectives: The NFT evolution makes way for USD billions of new liquidity and swapping investments! Along the way certain NFT gems show extremely profitable potential – But only if you are a focused earlybird investor and ahead of the crowd like our NFT cherrypicking premium members!

No doubt, there is a growing need for NFT DECISION HELP to find a way through this nifty jungle from art collecting to yield farming! The increasing variety of non-fungible-tokens (from different blockchains, markets, exchanges, with different background and tokenomics) will soon become overwhelming!

Millions of new mainstream user will arrive, early adopters but also professional traders are longing for orientation e.g. an informal Artist + Collectors + Investors EXCHANGE providing curated asset evaluation, investigative data aggregation and individual expertise including already added due diligence!

The stealth mode of NFTs is highly appreciated on viral markets like Arts, Collectibles, Luxury, Games, Sports, DeFi, Exchanges, Pools, Insurances, Gambling, Tickets, Stars/VIPs, Domains, Virtual Estates … Lets pick the sensational occasions, promote the weekly TOP10 and select the most profitabel NFTs… starting the multimedia campaign!

This could be your stage! We welcome savvy NFT collectors and successful NFT investors of all categories to curate, explain and promote their collections. Please drop us a line if you are interested to collaborate.

So whats the deal?
Right now we are preparing developments and building our team. But deeper budgets would be a great help to speed up – We would honestly prefer an operative co-founding investor then a buyer to come on board. The second choice is to give this package away (along with all NFT pickers already behind the stage). You invest into 3 short eyecatching NFT domains from different Namesystems + *get also 2 matching social accounts @Twitter/ Instagram on top… All mediachannels synchronized will establish a brandlike “NFTpicks” influencing network!

Combining the DNS-, ENS- and CNS-Domains makes the network a “Jack of all trades”: It connects web2 and web3 features, multiplies the share of voice, enables on-/off-chain data aggregation and connects to innovative dApps including finance-, trading-, entertainment-, utility- and business-applications with payment gateways and more to come.

Revenue streaming has multiple sources e.g. generated by cooperations, drop events, premium features, selling ad spaces and promotions, offering consultation, live events and category awards. There will be also opportunities to farm and swap with tokens, to deploy provisions into cooperations, inhouse projects, smart contracts or dApp ecosystems. And new NFT solutions and smart investments will be born.

Send us some feedback about your thoughts.

There are even 2 more fruity NFT domains ready to be added: NFTchips.crypto