♕ NFTshareX.com | NFTshare.X = Strategic Domainbundle for decentralised Sharing Economy

Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) are with no doubt advantageous in terms of confirming rights, tracking and identifying assets through digital identities. NFTs deploying self-enrolling smart contracts on the blockchain will open the doors to reinvent a global Sharing (d)Economy.

We offer this complete domainbundle including web2/ web3 Addresses on different Toplevels: 1x .COM, 1x .ETH (ENS Domains) and more then 60x .NFT (Unstoppable Domains) mirroring all private and commercial use cases to share with others for private benefits, workstream benefits, financial benefits, informal benefits, equipment benefits and realty benefits.

Each .NFT domain will address a matching contract-template followed by minting to tokenize individual sharing contracts on the blockchain. Alltogether this domainbundle offers a strategic media-network to run a nextgen, yet userfriendly Shareconomy market & exchange platform launching on NFTshareX.com (web2) and NFTshare.X (as its web 3.0 hub) – This reliable and trustless decentralised ecosystem will deploy autonomous, transparent and trustless smart contracts to smoothly run all kind of Shares + Sharings as automated secured p2p action.

Easy UI/ UX is enabled by an NFT library of key-ready smart contract templates to start with. These smart contracts facilitate multiple Workstream Benefits, Realty Benefits, Financial Benefits, Informal Benefits, Equipment Benefits and Private Benefits as listed below.

NFTshare.X brings together clients and providers peer-to-peer without the need of any third party intermediaries efficiently managing Shares & Sharings e.g. of commercial or private interests, financial participation, data or energy access, any limited resources, unused goods, offices and services of all kind. Please drop a note to get in contact with IT experts.

Added with matching Keyword Domains like Shareconomy.nft /Shareconomy.eth


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