@Twitter/ Instagram = 5er BUNDLE on sale!

NFT hot picking

Daily NFT HOTLIST PICKING with investigative contents, selected drops, promoted releases, events, ads and promotions launched as a synched global media network. Its a great business opportunity for investors with blockchain expertise, DeFi and NFT knowhow and smart contract development skillsets. Its an educational job influencing NFT trades with the shared voice on 5 identical domains and 2 social media channels: @Twitter/ Instagram
= 5er synched domains/ socials bundle is for sale now.

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Traditional Artmarkets struggled a long way until today without any result of common Code of Ethics. Since NFTs (non-fungible-tokens on the blockchain) have entered the Artspace, we develop legitimate ways to use NFTs as storage of immutably secured data and docs ref. authenticity, ownership, provenance, value performance etc. of every examined genuine digital/ physical artwork.

But even more, with help of NFTs we can later operate a global ArtAuth (DAO) registry with collaborative examinations, blockchain documentation and data gateways for trading authenticated and authorized assets with ArtAuth trustlabel and transparency.

This DNS, ENS and CNS domain network enables multichannel communication and also web 3.0 gateways, thousands of new dApplications incl. payments and lots more: / ArtAuth.dao/ ArtAuth.nft/ ArtAuth.eth  also added with identical social accounts like Twitter @artauth.

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Oldmaster.ART – Everlasting Domain Investment

premium art domain for oldmaster experts

OLDMASTER.ART is offered for sale!
Sign the times with this unique and everlasting art genre domain investment – The today artmarket with old Masterpieces is profitable and in rude health. This fine .Art domain is a masterpiece of its own and will be a highfrequence gateway and traffic hub to welcome fine art collectors, investors, curators, galleries, auctionhouses, authenticators, insurances and experts.
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Zocker WINNING MIND skillset

Are you a decentralized Netizen with at least 5 different cryptos attached? Money slicing is changing faster every year, you need coding tools and mindful skills to be in front of the crowd – Zocker are the new economic role models of modern times.ZOCKERs winning money

Zockers are the cool fellows making money on the go. Picking and grinding, hedging, betting, slicing and gaming, sometimes gambling

Go ahead and brand it – #ZOCKER have that moderntype skillset to substantially make money, racing for it, making smart decisions in the competitive crowd. Faster sparks in a ZOCKER brain are driven by this perfect WINNING MIND SKILLSET.

Zockers money winning skillset

The Zocker WINNING MINDSET brain – in a moment of decisionmaking – is collaboratively engaging lifetime money knowhow, sciencific math, working routines, situative intuition and his/her personal intelligence to filter down the options and hit the right button, just like a hedgemanager or pokerplayer.

#Zockers are nice sharks eating donkeys!
ZOCKERs have lots of sharky images and identification potentials to make some storytelling business run online. Selling the THE WINNING MINDSET in rough future environments!

Today in this competitive world, every savvy dude wants to be a Zocker – Its a modern, tough and emotional identification offer – Be one and win!

Please drop us a notice in the box if we should have a negotiation . … the evolution of virtual reality Avatars as an exclusive brand?

VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Our virtual twin brothers and sisters in the digital world are almost grown up. Creative humanoids are moulded and created as personalised avatars entering the social cyberspace in millions of shapes. Leading technology providers of interactive Gaming, Chat and virtual Marketplaces each starting their own models of social performance. But no one technology claims to be the marketleader… until VRvatar.comContinue reading →

Virtual Reality entertainment domain for sale

A great new business challenge in VR entertainment is the possibility to virtually experience live events while staying at home. Beside VR gaming, exploring, science and military applications there are huge market potentials to stream immersive liveshows and all kind of stage and field entertainment as 360° panoramic environments. Continue reading →