location-based-service.de – Trenddomain globales LBS Business

location-based-service.de #Domainsale

Wir bieten die Domain Location-Based-Service.de zum Verkauf, z.Zt. supergünstig in unserem rollierenden BUY NOW Angebot

Aus einem Fachbeitrag auf ip-insider.de:
Typische Anwendungsbeispiele für Location Based Services sind:

  • Anzeige von Points of Interest (PoI) wie Geschäfte, Restaurants, Banken oder Tankstellen
  • positionsabhängige Anzeige von Werbung und Aktionen
  • Teilen des Standorts mit anderen mobilen Teilnehmern
  • Routenplanung
  • Anzeige von verfügbaren Verkehrsmitteln und Verkehrsinformationen
  • ortsbezogene Online-Spiele
  • interaktive Reiseführer
  • Lokalisierung bei Notrufen
  • Verfolgung von Lieferungen
  • ortsabhängige Steuerung von Prozessen in der Industrie
  • ortsabhängige Mobilfunk- und Kommunikationsservices (zum Beispiel spezielle Tarife

LOCATION-BASED-SERVICE.de … optimal geeignet für Branchenunternehmen:
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L2022.eth – Iconic Ethereum Evolution : ETH Layer 2 Integration in 2022 : #ENS #Domainsale

L2022.eth Domainsale



Evolutionairy Ethereum Merge 2022
ETH Layer 2.0 Integration

PoS consensus mechanism
ecofriendly scalability and interoperability

NFTs – Staking – GameFi – Web3
L2 Rollups Bridges dApps Economics

Everlasting NFT BlueCHIP
#ENS #Domainsale
On OpenSea actually is a Dutch Auction running down to 2,22 ETH in Sept. 2022.

But if you make a perfect guess ahead of official news on what day the ETH Merge will happen, you will be accredited to buy L2022.eth for only 2 ETH – The first striker with matching date will win. Have a try, send us a mail with your guess.

VR360Headset.com – Modern panoramic virtual reality entertainment gear

Virtual 360 degree panorama viewing with VR Headsets

The steady innovation of #VR virtual reality gear with up to 360 degree displaying Headsets/ Goggles has enabled very smooth consumption of panoramic art/ photo/ video/ graphical entertainment, gaming, training, education and lots of upcoming applications for creatives and consumers.

This domain VR360Headset.com is a combo of high frequency keywords/ phrases searching for hardware and software and VR gear to enjoy 360° all around contents. You are right in time to launch a Preview or Product testing and positively influence 360° VR Headset shopping.

Buy now 500.- USD to reserve your informal adspace with sponsored brand links. If you are an entrepreneur with VR ambitions, you can build and launch a well noticed adspace billboard with newest Headsets sold from different sources (Affiliate) just like these 2022 recommendations.

Oculus Quest 2

Best budget all-in-one or PC VR goggles

HP Reverb G2

Mid-price headset with great resolution

HTC Vive Pro 2

VR system with eye tracking option

HTC Vive Cosmos

High-quality VR without base stations

Pimax Vision 8K X VR

High resolution and field of view

Valve Index

The Steam gamer’s headset makes alternate worlds smooth

♕NFTchips.com♕ How to investigate and celebrate NFT Blue Chips

NFTchips.com Artwork masterpiueces


New innovative NFTs are dropping every day into markets like #Arts, #Collectibles, #Luxury, #Games, #Sports, #DeFi, #Exchanges, #LiquidityPools, #Insurances, #Gambling, #Tickets, #Stars/#VIPs, #Domains, #Virtual #Metaverse #Real Estates and many more tokenized assets and contracts to come!


Some rare and limited #NFT investments are more profitable then others and a lucky few occasions will make their owners rich…  NFT blue chips are hot!


Buy NFTchips.com and you get NFTchips.crypto for free

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EUR / USD / ETH / BTC and mixed payments are possible.

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NFTchips.com Artwork masterpiueces
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L2022.eth Domainsale
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♕ VRliveshow.com ♕ Everyone ahead in Virtual Reality is thrilled by live entertainment

Virtual Reality entertainment domain for sale

A great new business challenge in VR/ Metaverse entertainment is the possibility to virtually experience live events inside 360° panoramic environments while staying at home. Beside VR gaming, Avatar interaction, streaming real world events, also educational and social applications etc. there are huge market potentials in several Metaverses that unfold. Continue reading →