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Cruising, vacations and Hotels presented with immersive VR 360 contents

The cruiseline industry is sucessfully surfing on the first waves towards the virtual reality ecommerce. VR360° enhanced cruise previews have a deep impact on customers concluding their ticket decision.

Almost every big Cruise Line has already produced and distributed their own promotional 360° videos that can be viewed on a desktop pc, on mobile devices and best with a modern VR headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR and others. Immersive touristic presentations facilitate multiple benefits for the cruiselines, booking agents and their customers too.

Today modern ticketsale- and travel-agencies offer VR 360° videos inhouse: Equipped with VR headsets their customers experience a complete cruiseship and destinations preview without leaving the agents office. Interested travellers can select detailed roundviews of different cabins, visit restaurants, shoppingmall, casino, wellness- and entertainment areas onboard as well as 360° destination panoramics… the full show right from the agents desk.

This timesaving but visually impressive sales promotion enable customers to virtually dive into the cruise prospects and make up their decision more easily … Thats why VR360 will become the hottest searchterm in the travel industry!

Modern virtual cruising, immersive VR 360 contents of Vacations and Hotels
Domainsale/ Joint Venture: VR360cruise.com

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