VOID and Virtual Reality 360° Art is steaming up

Virtual Reality 360 degree artworks

Call for Entry! There is a new kid in town: Virtual Reality will provide the society with a new digitally enhanced VR 360° art experience. Digital artists around the world start creating immersive artworks that can be viewed either with VR Headsets but also as WebVR on their desktop screens.

The Salvador Dali project is just one example how wellknown plain artworks can be digitally revitalized in 360 degree panoramic experience.

Dreams of Dalí: 360º VideoGo inside and beyond #SalvadorDali’s 1935 painting “Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus’” and explore the world of the surrealist master like never before. Check out why more than a half million people have watched and raved about this spellbinding 360 video.

Posted by Salvador Dali Museum on Mittwoch, 2. März 2016


Professional art agents, gallery owners, art dealers and many lovers of digital art are waiting for this new market challenges that arise in future.

We also recommend this cool VR Artfair domain that is ready to startup for professional use

vrArtfair.com presents the best virtual art
Domainsale: VrArtfair.com


A very spectacular new kind of holodeck physical gaming experience will be presented under the headline of VOID (The Vision of Infinite Dimensions). In the USA some of these experimental virtual reality centers are just tested.

A new kind of immersive gaming experience inside VOID centers
Domainsale: VOIDcenter.com

Be ready for this great adventure of gaming theme parks!