UtilityDApps.com/ .crypto – HOTLIST the multimedia, multidata and multipurpose Crypto Apps

Connected DNS and CNS domains with HOTTOPIC dapp connections

Decentralized DApps deployed as web 3.0 enabled Utility widgets cover up needy basic tasks rather then high end functions. Yet this group will probably grow faster then other specific gambling, marketing, yield farming or defi dapps. Just like in the booming traditional web 2 apps-space there are many solutions to optimize productivity, communication and daily challenges like sensor- and measurement tasks, scanning, organizing, translating, chatting, travelling, dating, mediaworking, weather forecast and and and…

Please reach out to our team if you are interested in these fine DAppo domains:

UtilityDApps.crypto // .com
RewardDApps.crypto // .com
YieldDApps.crypto // .com
BonusDApps.crypto // .com



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