Shopper.eth – BIG BUSINESS DOMAIN #NFT #ENS usecase with hub & sub revenues

Big Business #Domainsale SHOPPER.eth nextgen customer shopping behaviour

Shopper.eth is on sale! A unique genre domain focusing commercial web3, nextgen customer marketing and crypto shopping experiences with all the scientific background data. This domain has big business impact.
Are you ready to rumble? But even without a launch this ENSdomain is an investment awaiting the proof of web3 big business! 

Shopper Marketing is the secret behind any bestseller – Shopper Marketing is used to analyse and influence customer experiences and behaviorsShopper Marketing is essential to build loyal relationships and lots more …

Shopper.eth is a genre keyword for customer marketing in crypto space! Its open to launch any #ETH #CRYPTO #WEB3 shopping business. This address can uniquely influence the tomorrow shopping experience !

Think global – act local.

Reach out and send us your SHOPPER.eth business idea and your offer – We are interested to invest some seeds with a heavy discount! Just try and convince our team to join!


 (* SHOPPER.eth actually is one of the earliest prePunk NFTs minted in 06.2017)

Ideas around Shopper.eth


Think of the targetgroups operated on a matching SHOPPER sub domain, e.g.:
Personal.shopper organic.shopper green.shopper mystery.shopper secret.shopper smart.shopper discount.shopper trend.shopper style.shopper live.shopper odds.shopper tech.shopper geek.shopper fashion.shopper garden.shopper  sport.shopper … + uncountable brands and retail commerce.


SHOPPER.eth is ideal to track and manage crypto shopping research, to analyse crypto buyers insights and their behaviour on the blockchain! This portal must offer expertise and consultation about the customer journey on the today “supply-blockchain”, thus developing nextgen shopper marketing tactics and campaigns for modern consumer preferences and behaviours. 

Regular 40ETH pricelabel offered at and OpenSea Marketplace.

SPECIAL OFFER up to 50% discount: As an entrepreneur you can pitch with your keyready business idea to launch SHOPPER.eth. Reach out and convince our team to join your websolution together with a heavy price off.



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