Shopper.eth – Crypto Commerce Marketing Domain

Billions of Online Shopper will want to spend their cryptomoney

Not much to explain about this domain SHOPPER.eth… Since we can expect a global $ billion spending capacity by online shoppers there is no doubt about the upcoming Marketing changes…! Wether to run a crypto store or a SHOPPER panel like Amazon … This domain reaches out for challenging crypto commerce – Make your offer for this earlybird NFT investment today.

With this short and trendy NFT investment (actually a very rare earlybird and one of the earliest pre-Cryptopunk NFTs minted in 06.2017) you can realise a ton of innovative ETHEREUM usecases by connecting the ENS domain to decentralised apps and commerce features.

Shopper.eth – This domain is a MARKETING tool ready to manage the daily shopping deals on Ethereum blockchain! Also think about selling SUBDOMAINS as individual NFTs to business owners … at last this ENS domain is a rare collectible with longterm price potential.