Shopper.eth – Uniquely challenging eCommerce Marketing #NFT #ENS Domain with hub & sub revenues

Billions of Online Shopper will want to spend their cryptomoney

Shopper Marketing is used to influence the customer experience and behaviors, to build loyal relationships and focus on persuading customers to make a purchase … in crypto space! And here we are!

Invest into this one-time strategic Business Portal SHOPPER.eth and earn your slice of the blooming crypto shopping with some savvy eCommerce + Marketing services – SHOPPER.eth as an earlybird Consultation Agency can uniquely influence the tomorrow shopping experience !

The Ethereum Merge 2022 will be followed by plenty of web2/ web3 gateways in exchange with NFTs and dApps (decentralised applications) enabling lots of new #ETH business potentials. Have your foot in the door in due time with an early acquisition of crypto commerce marketshares!

This short ENS domain (SHOPPER.eth actually is one of the earliest prePunk NFTs minted in 06.2017) is a splendid hub for shifting shops, brands and consumers from the traditional $ FIAT shopping to blockchain powered #ETH eCommerce!  


Think of the targetgroups operated on a matching SHOPPER sub domain, e.g.:
Personal.shopper organic.shopper green.shopper mystery.shopper secret.shopper smart.shopper discount.shopper trend.shopper style.shopper live.shopper odds.shopper tech.shopper geek.shopper fashion.shopper garden.shopper  sport.shopper … + uncountable brands and retail commerce.


SHOPPER.eth is ideal to track and manage crypto shopping research, to analyse crypto buyers insights and their behaviour on the blockchain! This portal must offer expertise and consultation about the customer journey on the today “supply-blockchain”, thus developing nextgen shopper marketing tactics and campaigns for modern consumer preferences and behaviours. 

Limited time offer for earlybirds at and