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BONUSDApps + REWARDDApps catch the most attention since people love to earn or win some extra cash!
Both Domains come as a combo: With .COM + .CRYPTO connected a fullsize web2 publishing service can also run web3 DeFi services e.g. to redeem all winners and lots more of comercial fun

Lucky, loyal or tactical Reward and BonusDApps will overflow the market in the next decade. From 2022 thousands of new Boni and Rewards will be promoted every day in the cryptospace. These two leader domain combos are great to offer and facilitate global Reward directories with branded promotions (ads) and crypto jumpoff links (provision)… Make a slice of a billion dollar market!

Rewards that are redeemed in decentralized busines sectors like DeFi , Yielding, Games, Gambling and Utilities, on Marketplaces and Exchanges, from Staking and Liquidity pools … and so much more profitable Boni and Rewards to come! With the help of NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) many of these Rewards can even be traded again on the 2nd market, there is so much fun in the Cryptospace 2021

Decentralized Apps (DApps) are becoming the hottest topic of the coming years. They facilitate immutable programs running trustlessly on the blockchain deployed with smart contracts. Since Rewarding is an outgrown and sucessful marketing tool it has also entered the DApps evolution across all sectors. E.g. for promoting a new startup or cryptoartist, rewarding user loyalty or for staking crypto assets and more every week.

Please contact our team if you are interested in one of our fine Dapp domains:

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NFTdapps.crypto .crypto – HOTLIST the multimedia, multidata and multipurpose Crypto Apps / .crypto – Yield farming as profitable trend 2021