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premium art domain for oldmaster experts

OLDMASTER.ART is offered for sale!
Sign the times with this unique and everlasting art genre domain investment – The today artmarket with old Masterpieces is profitable and in rude health. This fine .Art domain is a masterpiece of its own and will be a highfrequence gateway and traffic hub to welcome fine art collectors, investors, curators, galleries, auctionhouses, authenticators, insurances and experts.

OLDMASTER.ART says it all, but only leads to one place
… hopefully yours.

Various options to use this asset, either as an exclusive invitation/ online exhibition/ gallery entrè or as a serious auction event/ sales adress in the thriving online artmarket – There is a lot of valuable Masterpieces turnaround offered by wellknown auctionhouses, mostly online today  (have a look at e.g. Dec. 2020 Event Oldmaster @ Sothebys and  Oldmaster Art Events changing the world @ Christies).

OLDMASTER.ART is an everlasting investment addressing…

  • Private and institutional collectors
  • Artdealers, Curators, Galleries, Auctionhouses, Museums
  • Artshops selling Oldmasters reproductions
  • Insurances, Restauration or Authentication experts and more.

OLDMASTER.ART is not only an exclusive doorsign. The new toplevel .Art is facilitating the ENS Domain Management towards non-fungible-token, crypto payments, smart contract with e.g. due diligence reports, provenance, certificate of authenticity and more data) saved on blockchain securly. Lookup #NFT
It has also tactical benefits enabling SEO acceleration due to the combination of 2 searchphrases in the second level and also in the domain toplevel (meaning .art works as a SERP position advantage compared to a usual .com without reference).

Oldmaster Artworks (and Prints) are making good profits around the world and there is a vital demand for new discoveries. Leading auction houses and specialised art galleries offer a fullyear spectrum of Oldmaster Art events addressing fine art collectors and artlovers.

One Time Occasion + Everlasting investment:
OLDMASTER.ART is on sale now !

Please drop a line in the box, we will get in contact soon.

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Oldmaster.Art is a genre webadress for artgalleries, museums, art auction houses and a number of specialisedart experts
Domain Oldmaster.Art for sale