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Augmented Vehicular Reality: Edge trend AVR is enabling extended 3D vision and safety for future Automobiles driving autonomously.

Autonomous vehicles are on the ramp to upshift the tomorrow streetlife. Therefor Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the most innovative trends in the vehicle industry.  All sorts of selfdriven cars will enter the market … but before entry they must guarantee their reliability in the face of environmental uncertainty. Many luxury cars today already have rich sensors to identify objects and other cars around. But autonomously driven vehicles will also need depth perception 3D cameras. These added cameras are used for improving the drivers and passants safety by sharing visual information with other nearby vehicles and environmental objects and limitations.

The basic innovative system to manage this is called “Augmented Vehicular Reality”. AVR broadens the vehicle’s visual horizon managing a fluent and smart collaboration with other nearby vehicles. The AVR car technology implementation is essential for improving safety and is an important technology that will be widely used in the future automobile industries.

AVRcars will be a new luxury segment of worldwide automobile industry and will bring up several hot topics and revenues, so catch this trendy domain to make a slice of this tomorrow business.