(+ social network) – Global Art Authority with DAO adding Authentication | Authorisation

ArtAuth Art Authority Authentication Authorisation comes as a strategic address network and opens doors for many challenging artmarket services, e.g. as a clearing house of both traditional and digital artworks – Now finally operable to serve these needs:

A global ART AUTHORITY offering userefriendly due diligence processing, mutual data acquisition and AUTH investigation, added with secured art experts gateway and an independent DAO panel for clearing of ART AUTHENTICATION & AUTHORISATION issues instead of expensive lawsuits. (Plot)

Diligent Artwork Authentication sparks the billion dollar market.
If you are interested in our ArtAuth business case/ cooperation details, please ask for infopapers referring our inhouse biz conception.

If you are interested to buy the domains only, please make a bundle offer from min. 29000 USD –  The bundle enables web2/ web3/ social media services: ArtAuth.eth /ArtAuth.DAO / ArtAuth.nft/  + free Addon: Twitter/ Instagram accounts @artauth 

 … screenshots of ArtAuth Billboard and the Workflow:



Even as a domain buyer you might be interested how we created a concept of a global ArtAuthority combined with a DAO to establish new standards of Due Diligence – If you are interested in the ArtAuth thinktank, please reach out.


Watchout Experts in Fine Art – Oldmaster.Art is for sale. Bundled with Oldmaster.nft

If you are interested in Virtual Reality Art, please visit