(+ network) – Global Art Authority with independent DAO aided Authentication | Authorisation

ArtAuth Art Authority Authentication Authorisation

A global ART AUTHORITY aided by an independent DAO panel for mutual clearing of ART AUTHENTICATION & AUTHORISATION issues is now operabel on the blockchain… Collaborative solution finding – instead of expensive lawsuits, doubts and concerns – together with Experts, Foundations, Scholars and all concerning Artlovers.

Collectors of Truth – Finally free minded mutual Artworks Authentication / Authorisation

With the help of NFTs and blockchain technology we can operate ArtAuth as a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) enabling proactive Due Diligence standards, approving collaborative and transparent ArtAuth decisions, enabling free anonymous communication and thus an open panel for secure evaluation of traditional and tokenized Artworks

— with DAO voting in questionable Authentication issues/ lawsuits
— helping Artcollectors to manage their assets with added Due Diligence
— critically approving Artworks attribution/ provenance expertise/ documents etc.
— incentivise all helpful
/ decisive DAO community inputs (by tokens) …

If interested in more details, ask for details referring our (inhouse) ArtAuth DAO billboard conception.

Please make an offer > 39.000 USD – This Domainsale bundle includes: ArtAuth.eth /ArtAuth.DAO / ArtAuth.nft/  (added by matching social accounts @artauth for free.) also fits perfectly to the established Arttrade media like,,,,,,,,,, …

Lets start the era of mutual Art Authentication | Authorisation decision help.




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