– Trading art with blockchain secured authenticity | authorization awaiting the new trustlevel

Traditional Artmarkets struggled a long way until today without any result of common Code of Ethics. Since NFTs (non-fungible-tokens on the blockchain) have entered the Artspace, we develop legitimate ways to use NFTs as storage of immutably secured data and docs ref. authenticity, ownership, provenance, value performance etc. of every examined genuine digital/ physical artwork.

But even more, with help of NFTs we can later operate a global ArtAuth (DAO) registry with collaborative examinations, blockchain documentation and data gateways for trading authenticated and authorized assets with ArtAuth trustlabel and transparency.

This DNS, ENS and CNS domain network enables multichannel communication and also web 3.0 gateways, thousands of new dApplications incl. payments and lots more: / ArtAuth.dao/ ArtAuth.nft/ ArtAuth.eth  also added with identical social accounts like Twitter @artauth.

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The outgrown artbusiness has always missed common code of ethics

While gobal art trade is growing constantly, generating recordsale headlines, it is undermined by ongoing art theft and looting, fakes and forgery scams. Several experts suppose that 30-40% of art objects in circulation are fakes and this problem does not only belong to the upperclass sales but also to digital art or multiples and limited print editions… until the creation of “smart contracts” carried on NFT no one could really trust in their certification. Though the so called Nifty token cannot investigate an unclear attribution, lacks in provenance or ownership titles of older assets but it is a perfect instrument to secure the lifetime due diligence of any authenticated artwork with no doubt about its disposition.

The need for immutable Artwork ID Passport with lifetime data tracking

With the blockchain technology entering the art market we finally have an immutable method to record and certify the proven authenticity of any (physical/ digital) artwork, to further save ongoing due diligence reports, changing ownerships, sales/ resales and a chronological provenance tracking, everything tight to the fraud-resistant blockchain database  …  As a vehicle the NFT (non-fungible-token) deploys a smart contract on the blockchain with all these advantages included. While digital art originals can be connected directly with their NFT “Passport”, the physical art needs some kind of tamperproof tag to positively connect with its digital smart contract (e.g. based on DNA/ diamond particle, Nanophotos, Holographic and other technologies) .

  • is a commitment to genuity, transparency and faith.
  • safeguards authentication and authorization issues
  • addresses the hottest money topics around art business
  • is ready for the blockchain powered art ecosystem (and NFTs) also fits perfectly into the spectrum of established artbusiness domains like,,,,,,,,,, …

Furthermore this short .COM domain is accompanied by ArtAuth.eth (ENS domain with web 3.0/ dApp/ payment gateways), also and some running social media account like Twitter/artauth.



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