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The artbusiness needs some common code of ethics

The gobal art trade is growing constantly, generating recordsale headlines but also very irritating news about art theft and looting, fakes and forgery scams. Several prominent experts and dealers have been sued for intentional misrepresentations and fraud. Other experts became entangled in high stake legal proceedings by the owner to withdraw an unfavourable opinion about his artworks authenticity. Especially in online art trading the authentication is meanwhile one of the most acute challenges.

A positive authentication expertise is a lucrative momentum

Today the artwork investor him/herself has the burden to accomplish an artworks genuity, its attribution, provenance, past title changes and even financial aspects. Due diligence is your homework, because a lack of knowledge does not protect from nasty questions or legal disputes – These issues might occur at latest when artworks are traded again, donated, bequested or given as a loan… big surprise included!

Authenticity is everything when it comes to the value of art

To research and confirm missing details about an artobject, there are plenty of helpful databases, investigators and experts with scientific approach. The efforts for authentication and transparency purposes will always be considered positive by e.g. buyers, traders, curators, auctionhouses, banks, insurances and by judges in art concerning lawsuits.

Legal advances based on diligent and transparent art examination

Our team has analysed lawsuits around the globe regarding critical artwork authenticity or questionable ownership and its legal authorization. Independent from the very different specific jurisdictions worldwide we found one resemblance of these disputes: Most judges rule in favor of that party which initiated diligent and provable investigation into the contested artwork.

Its time for a title / ownership registry for the art market

Now finally, with the blockchain technology entering the art market we will see innovative methods to record and certify a proven authenticity of any (even digital) artwork and use this cryptografic database furthermore to collect all documents, titles and a chronological provenance.

  • is a commitment to genuity, transparency and faith.
  • states a trustlabel in authentication and authorization issues
  • addresses the hottest money topics around art business
  • is ready for the blockchain powered art ecosystem (and NFTs) also fits perfectly into the spectrum of established artbusiness domains like,,,,,,,,,, …

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