senior expertise

Our team of three digital entrepreneurs and domain investors is truly an experienced senior team. We can provide skillful consulting based on multiple sucessfully established IT startups and longterm business coaching.

Earlybird times in 1995 we could reach out for uncountable sharp domain occasions. But domain investing was quite expensive from Germany: Our first invoices ref. some .com domains show that we payed for registration fee and monthly rent and also per MB of online content – Innocently at first!!

Twentyfive years later we still never reached a thousand domain portfolio because each asset is properly selected, researched under various aspects and each one must confirm all three of us about its sparkling ecommerce future. Many of our domains have a businessplan aside and some are open for joint ventures (ideally with webdevelopers, coders, nft experts). Good stuff!

So its allright to talk to us grown up guys as we still love explosive ideas and collaboration!