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Welcome to the $ign.Domains broker and biz developer connected with a creative media & marketing consultancy.

This website is presenting a daily portfolio of domains offered for sale but also for joint ventures with other IT entrepreneurs: We continually research for collaborative partners to develop new business ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions.

Company Info

$ign.Domains was founded 2015 by NEA Doosel, who is a senior marketing analyst and founder of several startups and companies (e.g. Freelancer.de, Olympia.de, IABR S.L., Radio POS, MDCG Inc.). Today this webdevelopment gives work to a team of five team members. Our marketing expertise dates back to 1985 when starting as a classic advertising agency. Since 1992 we are focusing on the digitalisation of media technology  & product development. From that time we have been pioneers in the fields of interactive audiotex telecommuncation and private satellite broadcasting and started 1995 with early domain investments, webmarketing and online brand conceptions. Our offices are located in Germany and Spain where you are always appreciated to contact us.

Germany: Spain:
Schülperbaum 16
D-24103 Kiel
Paseo Mediterraneo, 293/ 12
ES-04638 Mojacar

We hope you to understand that we cannot provide any consultancy by telefone. Thats why we kindly ask you to use the contact form. Depending on your idea or inquiry please add some background information about your company and your needs. We will then prepare upfront and feedback to you within shortest time.


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