♕ aiSolution.eth ♕ … the web3 directory with uncountable AI usecases

AIsolution.eth is a Joker Domain with lots of future AI challenges in Cryptospace – This wallet address is a company name, has its USP and a solid message included. This ENS domain offers a growing number of gateway/ hub/ sub features around the hot topics “Artificial Intelligence Solution” … e.g. project billboard to search for expert Human Ressources or Private Equity Investors

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ArtAuth.com/.eth/.dao (+ social network) – Global Artwork ID Billboard with Authentication | Authorization gateways

ArtAuth Art Authority Authentication Authorisation

1. Domain Investors announced:

ArtAuth makes it straight … the modern IT encryption
Art Authentication | Art Authorization | Art Authority

Full spectrum web2-web3-social Network for share of voice:
ArtAuth.com/ ArtAuth.de
ArtAuth.eth /ArtAuth.DAO / ArtAuth.nft/ 

addons: Twitter/ Instagram accounts @artauth 

ArtAuth.com is the best claim for market leadership and Authority around Art Authentication and IP Authorization/ Copyright Licensing issues. ArtAuth offers a full spectrum of media channels to generate a massive share of voice. A modern techie story appeal with brand potential.

ArtAuth is a reasonable supplement to established portals like Artnet, Artprice, Artnews, Artnome, Artfacts, Artslant, Artmag etc.

The ArtAuth Address Network enables synched communication with Artists, Connoisseurs and Experts across web2, web3 and social media channels. The portal provides gateways to blockchains, dApplications and more upcoming onchain technologies. ArtAuth is open to integrate external experts, databases, AI tools …

Interested in buying the complete ArtAuth address network?
We plan to release the ArtAuth address bundle for sale soon.

2. VC Investors & Partners

Please ask for the business case ArtAuth.com, a ready to roll out innovative facility for enabling Art Authentication & Authorization procedures in a new way. Its core functions include web3 gateways and blockchain features, also needy AI tools can be added.

We have a detailed ArtAuth Business Exposé at hand, if you are curious as a VC Angel rather than a Domain Investor. Please reach out for the brainwork behind ArtAuth communications.


Btw.: Watch out Domain Investors in Fine Art – Oldmaster.Art is for sale. Bundled with Oldmaster.nft to trade across web2 and web 3 facilities. A very serious connection. 

If you are interested in Virtual Reality Art (in Metaverse), please visit VRArtfair.com


NFTpicks.com/.crypto/.eth/.nft @Twitter/ @Instagram = SYNCHED 6er MEDIA NETWORK!

NFTpicks.com/ .eth Domainsale

🍒 NFT cherrypicks#NFT picking is a longterm prospering business and a daily investment challenge – Make NFT PICKs your USP !

This Bundle-Offer contains a brandable 6er media network with web2 domains + web3 domains + social accounts all matching the phrase “NFTpicks” … its a storytelling insider network:

NFTpicks.com/ .eth/ .crypto/ .nft / @twitter/ @instagram

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♕ VRvatar.com ♕ VRvatars.com … brandable VR Avatars in Metaverse

VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Our virtual twin brothers and sisters in the digital worlds of web3/ metaverses are becoming grown up. Creative VR humanoids are moulded as personalised avatars entering the social cyberspace in millions of shapes. Leading technology providers of interactive Metaverse, Gaming, Chat and other web3 virtual live entertainment each starting their own SDK for social performance in VR. But no one technology claims to be the marketleader… until VRvatar.com?Continue reading →

Shopper.eth – BIG BUSINESS DOMAIN #NFT #ENS usecase with hub & sub revenues

Big Business #Domainsale SHOPPER.eth nextgen customer shopping behaviour

Shopper.eth is on sale! A unique genre domain focusing commercial web3, nextgen customer marketing and crypto shopping experiences with all the scientific background data. This domain has big business impact.
Are you ready to rumble? But even without a launch this ENSdomain is an investment awaiting the proof of web3 big business! 

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♕ Oldmaster.ART / Oldmaster.NFT ♕ Tokenized Masterpiece Gallery – Investment Domain Investment

premium art domain for oldmaster experts

OLDMASTER.ART bundled with OLDMASTER.NFT for sale!
Sign the times with this young and also everlasting art genre domain investment – The today artmarket with old and new Masterpieces is profitable and in rude health.  New NFT Security and Due Diligence features interacting with the blockchain. New profitable bluechip Oldmasters as tokenized alternative investment. BRIDGING OLD & NEW MASTERPIECES!
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♕ TaxfreeToken.com – DutyfreeToken.com ♕ Global usecase to easily refund int. Shoppings

TaxfreeToken.com / DutyfreeToken.com are logical steps into the web3 society

If you are a travelling Shopper and trying to get your taxes refunded, its always an annoying paperwork switching between the customs, shops and other intermediaries. Thats why some smart service providers already offer one-stop-solution and scooped up provisions from billions of money spend for shoppings in a foreign country.Continue reading →

♕ VirtualCryptoAsset.com ♕ The hottest Keywords in regulated Tokenized Investment Markets – Big Business Domain

#Domainsale VirtualCryptoAsset.com ... three hot topic Keywords soaring the FinTech decentralised finance era with tokenized shares, VC, funds, equity, assets investing

There is no doubt, the doors to web3 decentralised asset investments is wide open. More and more regulation frameworks are established in different ecosystems globally. The EU is quite ahead with its MICA regulation to enable tokenized investments as unique NFTs or as fractionalized shares of limited digital assets.

These 3 magic words will be the trend topics in the future finance industry – Upstairs in relation to institutional investors and family offices and also on the ground between retail investors, collectors and curators. While the MICA focuses the term “Crypto Assets”, the US regulators favour “Virtual Assets” and we have them both combined in this hot Keyword Domain…. doesn’t it smell like billions of newly invested tokenised shares for LIMITED ASSETs that are mostly illiquid until now?

♕ VirtualCryptoAsset.com ♕ is for sale now in the morning of a sunny business day around the world. Just reach out and make your offer, we are yet in an early stage of decentralised finance.

And don`t forget to make a sightseeing while here, e.g. this UMBRELLA TOPIC

MICA regulated Investments in tokenized Virtual Crypto Assets – TOKEN DOMAINs for sale

♕ Sponsoring.eth ♕ The gateway domain to vibrant business opportunities

Sponsoring.eth opens a gate to a vibrant ecosystem

SPONSORING.eth  … already booming biz activities – a perfect web3 agency work!

e.g. vibrant challenges with subdomain activities:



More web3 and crypto ideas:

#Domainsale VirtualCryptoAsset.com ... three hot topic Keywords soaring the FinTech decentralised finance era with tokenized shares, VC, funds, equity, assets investing

♕ VirtualCryptoAsset.com ♕ The hottest Keywords in regulated Tokenized Investment Markets – Big Business Domain

There is no doubt, the doors to web3 decentralised asset investments is wide open. More and more regulation frameworks are ...
#Domainsale MICAtoken.com Regulation of EU crypto asset investments

MICA regulated Investments in tokenized Virtual Crypto Assets – STO & TOKEN DOMAINs for sale

Its finally becoming true: A new Era of regulated TOKEN INVESTMENTs with non-fungible Tokens or fractionalized Shares of an Investment ...
MICA CASP mica regulated crypto asset service provider in EU

♕ MicaSP.com ♕ MICA CASP #Domainsale: The regulated Markets in Crypto Assets Service Provider

This is truly disrupting - The EU will establish the first regulated MARKETS in CRYPTO ASSETs - Within the legal ...
NFTpicks.com/ .eth Domainsale

NFTpicks.com/.crypto/.eth/.nft @Twitter/ @Instagram = SYNCHED 6er MEDIA NETWORK!

#NFT picking is a longterm prospering business and a daily investment challenge - Make NFT PICKs your USP ! This Bundle-Offer ...
dECOSYSTEM.crypto is the Genre title of the blockchain era

dECOSYSTEM.crypto – Naming the disrupting paradigm shift: Decentralized Ecosystem

dECOSYSTEM names the monumental paradigm shift that is happening right now. The new systems of economy are based on decentralized ...
All kind of governance aspects can be facilitated on Licences.crypto Rights, title deeds or software licenses are now created or deployed on blockchains often loaded with cryptomoney or valuable NFT assets - Supply the new comercial Crypto Markets with licences.crypto

LICENCES.crypto – HotTopic Keyword + CNS multi Action Domain – Supply global licensing issues managed on the blockchains

All kind of authenticating Licensing & Authorization & Governance issues can be facilitated thru this CNS domain (without intermediaries) - ...
generic keyword domain in cryptospace - DEX decentralized crypto exchange application

SwapDApp.crypto – HOT TOPIC Domain with CNS gateways to DEX crypto exchange application

SwapDApp.crypto not only covers 2 profitabel billion dollar business keywords "SWAP & DApp"  ... It really provides multipurpose programable DeFi ...

Cashmachines.crypto – Global directory of cash-ready crypto ATM. Take the lead

This CNS (Crypto Name Server) domain "cashmachines.crypto" works without further explanation Cashmachines.crypto is ready to lead a competitive market for ...
Formula One live streams around the world F1stream.eth Domainsale

♕ F1stream.eth ♕ Livestream cameras at global F1 racetracks

Its always challenging to view the best livestream cam channels around the Formula One racetracks for free. No wonder these ...
STO Security Token Offerings by regulated CASP VASP Providers - Brandable #Domainsale STOkenizer.com

♕ STOKENIZER.com ♕ Perfect Company Domain to promote STO and Tokenization services

Regulated Security Token Offerings (STO) will offer investment opportunities  from the segments of Luxuries, Collectibles, Art, Classic Cars, Design Icons, ...

Unique NFT usecases on ENS Domains e.g. NFTwhois.eth … NFTsecret.eth … NFTmillion.eth

Very fine short ENSdomains together with business plan

Each of these curated #ENS #Domains have a storytelling NFT usecase – Either to launch a MERCH STORE on NFTposter.eth or to run #B2B or #B2C services like NFTwhois.eth with project INVESTIGATIONs on web3. Why not promote an MULTI ENTRANCE GATE on NFTslot.eth or sell tokengated NFTgig.eth or even roll out an NFT entertainment sensation with Million Dollar NFT TOKEN RAFFLES we offer these fine #ENSdomains Webaddresses together with a business plan if you like.







TokenRaffle.eth. TokenRaffle.nft TokenRaffle.crypto