MICA regulated Investments as tokenized Virtual Crypto Assets – Keyword Domains for sale

#Domainsale MICAtoken.com Regulation of EU crypto asset investments

Watch out 2024 ff: A new Era of legally regulated TOKEN INVESTMENTs with a full range of approved Fintech Advisors, #RWA Experts, Tokenizers, Token Emittents and Service Providers will enter the global markets. We have some selected Premium Domains at hand. Continue reading →

♕ aiSolution.eth ♕ … the web3 directory with uncountable AI usecases

AIsolution.eth is a Joker Domain with lots of future AI challenges in Cryptospace – This wallet address is a company name, has its USP and a solid message included. This ENS domain offers a growing number of gateway/ hub/ sub features around the hot topics “Artificial Intelligence Solution” … e.g. project billboard to search for expert Human Ressources or Private Equity Investors

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ArtAuth.com/.eth/.dao (+ social network) – Global Artwork Authorization gateway

ArtAuth Art Authority Authentication Authorisation

1. Domain Investors:

ArtAuth makes it straight … the modern IT encryption
Art Authorization | Art Authentication | Art Authority

Full spectrum web2-web3-social Network for share of voice:
ArtAuth.com/ ArtAuth.de
ArtAuth.eth /ArtAuth.DAO / ArtAuth.nft/ 

addons: Twitter/ Instagram accounts @artauth 

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NFTpicks.com/.crypto/.eth/.nft @Twitter/ @Instagram = SYNCHED 6er MEDIA NETWORK!

NFTpicks.com/ .eth Domainsale

🍒 NFT cherrypicks#NFT picking is a longterm prospering business and a daily investment challenge – Make NFT PICKs your USP !

This Bundle-Offer contains a brandable 6er media network with web2 domains + web3 domains + social accounts all matching the phrase “NFTpicks” … its a storytelling insider network:

NFTpicks.com/ .eth/ .crypto/ .nft / @twitter/ @instagram

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♕ VRvatar.com ♕ … brandable VR Avatar/ Agents in web3 and Metaverse

VR Avatars in social VR the big business

Our virtual twin brothers and sisters in the digital worlds of web3/ metaverses are becoming grown up. Creative avatars build in virtual reality are moulded as humanoids entering the social cyberspace in millions of shapes. Leading technology providers of interactive Metaverse, Gaming, Chat and other web3 virtual live entertainment each starting their own SDK for social performance in VR. But no one technology claims to be the marketleader… until VRvatar.com?Continue reading →

Shopper.eth – BIG BUSINESS DOMAIN #NFT #ENS usecase with hub & sub revenues

Big Business #Domainsale SHOPPER.eth nextgen customer shopping behaviour

Shopper.eth is on sale! A unique genre domain focusing commercial web3, nextgen customer marketing and crypto shopping experiences with all the scientific background data. This domain has big business impact.
Are you ready to rumble? But even without a launch this ENSdomain is an investment awaiting the proof of web3 big business! 

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♕ Oldmaster.ART / Oldmaster.NFT ♕ Tokenized Masterpiece Gallery – Investment Domain Investment

premium art domain for oldmaster experts

OLDMASTER.ART bundled with OLDMASTER.NFT for sale!
Sign the times with this young and also everlasting art genre domain investment – The today artmarket with old and new Masterpieces is profitable and in rude health.  New NFT Security and Due Diligence features interacting with the blockchain. New profitable bluechip Oldmasters as tokenized alternative investment. BRIDGING OLD & NEW MASTERPIECES!
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♕ Tokenrecht ♕ Tokenemittent Tokenaktie Tokenberater Tokensachwert u.a.


Umbrella Domainbundle covering the regulated EU / DE markets in crypto assets tokenized for investment and stability, also referring the deployment, offering and trading these Token Assets.

Token Business und Facilities in Deutschland

Die beginnende disruptive Tokenisierungs-Ära im Finanzgeschäft wird zu neuen Wortschöpfungen führen wie bspw. der Aufruf einer speziellen “Tokenimmobilie XYZ” oder “Tokenaktie 123” als Suchbegriff und Kurztitel für alle Crypto Asset Beteiligungen (“tokenisierte Immobilie”).

Wir bieten diese Geschäftsdomains einzeln (ab 300€ netto) oder in diskontierten Gruppen an. Bitte nehmen Sie einfach Mail-Kontakt auf.





Tokenraffle.de – Tokenraffle.eth – Tokenraffle.crypto
Ask for the web2/web3 #token #raffle #domainbundle
Don`t miss to make an offer for this HOT TOPICs DOMAIN

♕ Kräutermedizin.de ♕ Naturheilung – Pflanzenheilkunde – Phytotherapie

Eine schöne Domain für viele verschiedene Anbieter. Die Pflanzenheilkunde oder Phytotherapie gehört zu den ältesten medizinischen Therapien und ist in allen Kulturen rund um den Erdball beheimatet. Pflanzliche Arzneimittel können die Stimmung heben, die Konzentration fördern und die Nerven beruhigen.

Ein informativer Spektrum Artikel bechreibt die Apotheke der Natur und die Wissenschaft über traditionellen Heilpflanzen Spektrum der Wissenschaft

Für die zunehmenden Anbau- und Herstellungsbetriebe, für Kurs- oder Anwendungsanbieter in Deutschland empfiehlt sich diese sprachgebräuchliche Umlaut Domain Kräutermedizin.de (deutlich besser als eine fehlerfrohe Schreibweise: Kraeutermedizin).

Bei Interesse bitte ein Angebot rund um 1.000 € machen.

The ArtAuth social enterprise

Draft: Art Authentication/ Authorization independently managed on the blockchain with the help of consensual human supervision and shared knowledge via DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation).

The use of NFTs (artwork tokenization) and transparent blockchain documentation today enables an immutable solution to protect, track and license Artworks globally.

Also we have AI tools at hand to research, synch and update data at scale related to attribution and provenance as well as to ownership/ title/ sales issues referring the lifecycle of tokenized Artworks.

Yet there is a need of human intervention and data supervision before publishing an AI aided provenance evaluation.  As a social enterprise ArtAuth aims to create a consensus mechanism enabling tokenized catalogues raisonnés en fin.

Aided by a DAO Authority this provenance research and data processing can be verified collaboratively with shared knowledge of a bigscale members panel (zero knowledge ident). The ArtAuth DAO as an independent members coalition can even decide on ArtAuthentication verdicts esp. concerning incomplete or doubtful artwork identification (bottom up instead of top down verdicts and without fearing costly litigations).

The ArtAuth thinktank is open reaching out for your expertise and skills.
Please ask for the detailed biz case. 

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♕ TaxfreeToken.com – DutyfreeToken.com ♕ Global usecase to easily refund int. Shoppings

TaxfreeToken.com / DutyfreeToken.com are logical steps into the web3 society

If you are a travelling Shopper and trying to get your taxes refunded, its always an annoying paperwork switching between the customs, shops and other intermediaries. Thats why some smart service providers already offer one-stop-solution and scooped up provisions from billions of money spend for shoppings in a foreign country.Continue reading →