VRskills.com – Recruitment Joint Venture

Virtual Reality Skills sind ein wichtiges Anstellungskriterium

“Virtual Reality Skills” will become very important quality keywords in Recruitment profiles.

This ecommerce domain is a hot deal for launching a thematic VR hiring billboard  in a fast growing next-generation business area. We offer the domain for sale but also we are open to establish a joint venture and launch this recruitment portal together with an IT partner.

Open for Partnership with IT devops:
We offer a legal contract with 50:50 shares split on IT and Management partners. This objective enables the collaboration and all included responsibilities equally fair to handle.

Its not a problem to organize the workflow and collaboration over long distances and keep an online biz running…. as long as trust and resources are in fusion with fitting knowledge. We are looking for a freelancer or IT team who will provide all technical jobs to produce and steadily improve this special VR recruitment billboard. With more then 25 years of digital marketing experience we supply all management work, promotions and administrative jobs to be done while the IT partner takes care of production, setup and launch as well as further on development.

“Virtual Reality Skills” are not yet developed in a broad spectrum and with professional quality, due to the lack of VR equipment, VR hard- and software on the market. But knowhow and skills are already needed intensively in many different industries like Medicine, Military, Gaming, Design, Sciences… Starting from 2016, when VR gear will be delivered around the world finally, this recruitment challenge will increase from month to month.


This domain communicates a reasonable and strategic keyword combination:
During the next years “VR” will be used as the common abbreviation of Virtual Realit. Soon everybody worldwide will use these 2 letters in speech and writing and while researching the web.

This is indeed a very impactstrong brandlike domain combo to enter the next-gen recruitment business, no doubt about that. Have a look at this remarkable forecast published on the site wantedanalytics.com:

We suspect that virtual reality will become a bigger trend as more companies may emulate their creations or as employees will be required to work with these devices and technologies….

VR skills were most commonly required by the following industries:

  • Engineering Services
  • Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences

Virtual reality skills were mostly required in IT, engineering, and sales job ads as a training and simulation tool for skill development. More information about VR hiring lookup the source:

Will Virtual Reality Be the Next Buzzworthy Skill?

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