… SOLD is a premium short and longaged domain

SOLD on 2n March 2016. One of the magic domains that make people so curious they immediately want to check it out. With 40.000 exact searches + 160.000 searches for “private” every month there is plenty of different business possible.

WHATs THE DEAL? is type-in qualified since 18 years, a short but hard punching impactstrong announcement and clearly understandable around the globe. Everybody just wants to know what is behind this door!

privacy is a huge future marketPRIVAT triggers more then 240 million searchresults – People from around the world are buzzing about privacy and everybody has a considered opinion! However you spell it (“private, privado, privat” to name the most common languages), here you will bid on the short champion and the most mobile-friendly expression. And because Google is smart you will not only work with 40.000 exact matching “privat” searches per month but also be included to another 160.000 searches referring “private”.

WHATs MY ADVANTAGE? represents serious privacy issues and all referring close-up affairs. Some examples how to generate revenues:

  • >> Since personal and virtual security issues are strongly increasing, you can sell exclusive IT protection, private communication and defense cloudsystems…
  • >> Think of very touchy services like Bodyguards, private Butlers, first class Homesitting and personal VIP Coaching…
  • >> As a real estate agent reaching out for high society connections you can offer a discrete exchange plattform to selected members only…
  • >> Without saying is also perfectly suitable to offer exclusive consultancy e.g. regarding private property, licencing, banking, hosting, insurances, artmanagement, family affairs, heritage matters and similar…
  • >> This webadress triggers a wide spectrum of sparkling images and intense emotions. In the booming era of amateur live communication it is ready to take off as an adultsite converting private cams, a futuristic VRstage, a new type of gentlemen keyclub…
  • >> Last but not least: If you are a rich guy and just want to make your secret girlfriend an exclusive and very individual present…. will be a princely gift!  Something like a “boudoir 2.0” which will always remain one of a kind.


Indeed this $ign domain is a valuable and sustainable investment and it will definitely enlighten your portfolio – Simply on one hand because it is such a rare and fascinating short webadress and on the other hand because PRIVACY will always generate huge market potentials. Please count on your experience to handle your bidding strategy because appraisal robots cannot estimate correctly the addon magic power of this special domain. is known to the searchengines since 1996. That is an important benefit with some preferable treatment as we know. The lucky next owner of this domain will continue a longlasting deep acquaintance.

Since 18 years not any legal issue has ever happened regarding the genre name. The domain here is listed without revenues since the project was rented to third parties. Leases give no indication about the undisclosed third party revenues online.

Even though this domain already counts thousands of visitors without any advertising at all, any smart new business will pump it up immediately. Now its your turn to relaunch into future, establish your own privacy business concept with fitting contents. Follow up there will be lots of opportunities to accelerate development and ranking.

If you are not planning to just flip the domain investment to a higher level then you should complete your project in the most professional manner and bring in the harvest (which should be a decent monthly income).



  • Auctions will be run on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All inbound offers will be considered and auction can be sold at any given time. If you are sure to invest a certain amount you may always send us a BUY-NOW offer via PM.
  • Payment shall be made via (Fees to be paid by the buyer).
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask further details and to discuss interesting joint venture scenarios. We always appreciate unfolding new ideas of collaboration to develop highest standard business together.

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