Increase in Brand Awareness and Interaction with Augmented Reality Sweepstakes Premium Domain for salespromotion

AR enhanced advertising campaigns and promotions engage consumer-brand experiences with recordbreaking dwell times

If you are an advertising creative, a brand director, an event manager, a media designer or a pos marketing manager… Augmented Reality changes your storyboards and sales-force promotions:
AR advertising campaigns combine real and virtual enviroments enriched with faszinating 3-dimensional, multi-layer, all-around, immersive user-brand adventures! Any kind of audiovisual effects, figures, games, informercials or sweepstakes popout the brandsign – Just a smartphone AR app, some AR glasses will do, but lots of other media screens e.g. like outdoor windows and busstops have been tested to visualize the AR experience sucessfully.

New style AR enhanced sweepstakes let players engage in an interactive winning contest, like collecting virtual coupons all around their place or racing a live branded jackpot rallye through the city. They can even buy products featured in the gamified experience… All the immersive action is layered over product packages, print ads, p.o.s. displays, outdoor billboards/ windows and elsewhere …

According to one of the most popular augmented reality apps, Blippar, AR campaigns have an average dwell time of 75 highly engaged seconds –as compared to the 2.5 passively engaged secondsradio and television ads tend to garner (Mangiaforte, 2014).

Joint Venture option: Our marketing team is interested to realize new types of ARJACKPOT winning games together with an entrepreneurial and AR skilled webdeveloper… get in touch, if you are interested to co-operate an AR salesforce agency!

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Augmented Reality Sweepstakes – Domain for sale offers discounts and rebates – Domain for sale

… the new style of virtual 3D homeshopping

Virtual reality salesroom for modern ecommerce
VRsalesroom – Domain for sale

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