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A bunch of premium domains to rock the point-of-sale!

If you are a trader, a key account executive, a distributor, media optimizer or pos marketing manager etc… then Augmented Reality will supply you with faszinating new 3-dimensional salesforce adventures to catch your customers attention!

A totally new world of customer-brand relationship will trigger our brains. Pimp up your product packaging or p.o.s. displays with augmented reality contests: This can be a 3D animated sweepstake game which will be kind of jumping around your brand logo. Augmented reality promotions will empower a new dimension of fascinating shopping experiences. Imagine a new type of immersive AR coupons which come to life as customers focuse the package thru their AR glasses. Consumers will love to play with your corporate identity design …. We are definitely interested to realize a new type of ARjackpot winning game together with a salesforce interested webdeveloper… get in touch!

Within short time spectacular playgrounds will unfold on these portals:

augment reality salespromotion Premium domain ready to roll out

Augmented Reality Sweepstakes offers discounts and rebates


… more sales force and consumer attention getters behind the VR curtain, e.g.

Virtual reality salesroom for modern ecommerce
≈ Portfolio Virtual and Augmented Reality ≈ is the next-gen gaming revolution
This domain has the potential to make a profitable slice of massively growing Virtual Reality gaming markets: Forecasting the global ...
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virtually enhanced 360 degree show productions
VR360 signals immersive panoramic roundviews, 360° workspaces, holodeck entertainment, VR education, liveshow and environments. VR360 is a popular searchphrase to ...
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Virtual Reality 360 virtual immersive Events contents
VR 360: These five letters paces the shift from flat video towards the new VR style 360 degree video experience ...
Read More presents the best virtual art
Virtual Reality offers a fantastic immersive stage for visual artists of all genres. And consumer-grade technologies put VR Artworks within ...
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Virtual Reality 360 degree artworks
Call for Entry! There is a new kid in town: Virtual Reality will provide the society with a new digitally enhanced ...
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Virtual 360 degree panorama viewing with VR Headsets
This year we are standing in  front of a longterm media paradigm shift towards Virtual-Reality... it will certainly need some ...
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Neue 360 Grad Panorama Kameras für Virtual Reality
Für eigene 360 ° Filmaufnahmen, die eine photografische Virtual Reality ermöglichen, bietet der Markt kompakte Vr360cams, Die Eine fertige one-shot - ...
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Halterung für 4-16 Kameras
Für eigene 360° Filmaufnahmen, die eine (vorerst noch) passive Virtual Reality ermöglichen, bietet der Markt derzeit kompakte Vr360cams, die eine ...
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Virtual Reality Hardware und Software testen und diskutieren
Es gibt viel zu testen - Pack du schon mal an: In den kommenden Monaten und Jahren wird eine Riesenwelle neuartiger ...
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Virtual Reality Filme über Spanien
Virtual Reality wird ab 2016 unseren digitalen Medienkonsum einschneidend verändern, u.a. auch bei der virtuellen Urlaubsplanung und bei privaten Filmaufnahmen ...
Read More Premium Domain for salespromotion
A bunch of premium domains to rock the point-of-sale! If you are a trader, a key account executive, a distributor, ...
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DomainCombo - Augented Reality Promotions
Die neue 3D Faszination, die aus der Marke, der Packung oder aus dem Katalog entspringt. Ein Gewinnspiel, das direkt am ...
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Virtual Reality entertainment domain for sale
A great new business challenge in VR entertainment is the possibility to virtually experience live events while staying at home ...
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Virtual reality salesroom for modern ecommerce
The upcoming eCommerce marketing strategies including product previews, pre-invest consultation and customer advising will be heavily supported by virtual reality ...
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How to do this and that with VR devices and services
"VR HOW ... ?" ... is becoming a massively growing searchphrase in 2018 because thousands of new VR products, devices, ...
Read More Premium domain ready to roll out
Augmented reality sweepstakes... The huge new trend in consumer package promotions! ...
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Virtual Reality Skills sind ein wichtiges Anstellungskriterium
"Virtual Reality Skills" will become very important quality keywords in Recruitment profiles. This ecommerce domain is a hot deal for launching a ...
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Augmented Reality helps Jewelers + + alltogether in a tactical and priceworthy combo. What refers to the abbreviation AR for "augmented reality" we will ...
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Augmented Reality Games and Gamer
Augmented Reality bump-starts the next-gen gambling with augmented enlightment added to the realistic world. AR enables magical ways to personalize and interact with the ...
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