The SPYS.CLUB for investigators, detectives and espionage technology

The SPYs club

The SPYS CLUB is the meetingpoint to learn about intelligence operations, electronic surveillance, private/ corporate/ political espionage and information analysis, to meet professional agents of all trades, to exchange about newest spys technology and how to manage discrete observations and crime investigations by wiretapping, tracking or hacking confidential sources and other tactics.Continue reading → … meet & compete with other gamers, review new VR software & train your skills, benefit as a clubmember and more… is the next-gen gaming revolution

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  • Forecasting the global revenues generated with “VR Games” ranges between USD 25 – 70 billions in 2025. New software releases need to be reviewed and recommended and thus will increase the need for online communities – Thats why VR software companies are open to cooperate with mindsetters .
  • The searchphrase “VRGames” is already used by millions of Virtual Reality gamers every month. Authentic webcontents on the platform will have an impact on leading searchengineresults. 
  • As a .CLUB domain it invites gamers to socialize, exchange about new software and improve their skills. It also implies club competitions and rankings. Beside software provisions also memberfees can be generated. Alltogether the club toplevel has the best interactive gamer approach.

The calls VRgamers around the world to be part of the community. Reviews of new VR software, game downloads and social infotainment matches their needs and interests. Thus the club toplevel has the best interactive gamer approach..

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3D Printing ist der Megatrend des Jahrzehnts

Wer wird der 3D Prinz im 3D Prints Markt?

BUY NOW Angebot bspw. für 3D-Druckereien, 3D Modellierungs- und Kreativagenturen – Schlag zu und sichere dir diese knackige Markendomain jetzt für 499.- € + 19% Ust. – Mit einer kleinen Prinzen Illustration dazu wäre ein einzigartiger und merkfähiger Markenauftritt geboren.
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VR 360° – Innovation of VR showevents, VR livesports, VR cruising

virtually enhanced 360 degree show productions

VR360 signals immersive panoramic roundviews, 360° workspaces, holodeck entertainment, VR education, liveshow and environments. VR360 is a popular searchphrase to get in touch with 360° virtual contents, either filmed or artificial. Millions of new users start enjoying private and commercial VR360° events with VR360 headsets  or VR cardboards or even with a 2D desktop.   Continue reading →

360° recorded Events and Courses – Selected newTLD business domains

Virtual Reality 360 virtual immersive Events contents

VR 360: These five letters paces the shift from flat video towards the new VR style 360 degree video experience. With the global sucess of 360° cameras we expect millions of new contents allowing VR consumer experiences. These earlybird domains facilitate either directed or public platforms to sell commercial 360° event recordings as well as professional reviews, trainings or party presentations. Panoramic viewing is like being there!Continue reading → – The TOP 10 of Virtual Reality Porn

Virtual reality porn portfolio of three short domains

New commercial gTLD Domains Virtual Reality adultentertainment domains on sucessful nTLD levels. . While is already launched, this Domainsale could be added with and VRporn. with

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No question that every day VR pornindustries are steaming up with VR media and technology. At first with VR similar sexvideos enabling 180° to 360° immersive panorama, with VR livecams very useful also for amateurs, as well as sexgames and multiplayer porngames, also animated VR areas and social VR Avatars … etc.
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