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Augmented Reality helps Jewelers – Best of both words: The abbreviation AR for “augmented reality” is an app technology that enables 3D modelling and almost limitless customer  try on inspiration. Its a whole new sales channel catching up around the world. Augmented reality facilitates more customer engagement as more AR apps are launched on mobile devices. Augmented Reality optimizes the modelling, the showcasing and sales processing and it expands the audience reach.

The app brought a significant boost in sales specifically among millennials. In 2018, the 40% of CaratLane’s business was coming from the AR-powered app, as the founder reported in an interview.

High-end jewelers like De Beers, Forevermark, Tacori and Boucheron and Luxury brands such as Boucheron, Tissot, Garrard have already implemented augmented reality into their sales strategies, which changes the way to model, shape and showcase products in 1000 variations, both online and in-store.
The trend falls in step with a Juniper study that found the added revenues from AR-enabled mobile apps is becoming a Milliondollar Megatrend. is a tactical domain to pull mixspelled keyword traffic – Catching new customers for Luxury brands or for Augmented Reality Solutionproviders

AR Jewelery is a lucky mixture of different spellings (jewellery, Jewelry) depending on the country. In USA the most common writing is “Jewelry” while in the UK people tend to write “Jewellery”…. various misspellings on top. The SEO aspect of this umbrella keyword “jewelery” is just perfect since searchengines deliver on any and all phrases –  Thats why this domain works as a tactical source to reach out for overall traffic…. Implement this promotion multiplicator for less then 1000 USD to shove in thousands of new customers in the next years!

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